My name is Fenja, and I've just started learning Esperanto. Wish me luck! :)

Also, there is a lot of "kara" in the lessons. Is that a thing? Is it common to call people "kara," (because that would be cute) or was it just a choice made by the lesson developers?

May 5, 2016


If you speak to a group you belong with or to your followers (Twitter, Facebook ...), you can say "Saluton karaj (amikoj)" without any problem.

Note : Some people even say "kara" to all Esperantists, since Esperanto is like a family for many people.

Cxu estas ni, viaj karaj? ;)

Jes kara GrandaUrso

"Vanege, kara, kiel vi fartas?" estas tute normala salut-maniero.

Vanege? Ege vana? Mi ne komprenas kial oni salutus la amikon tiumaniere?

Pardono. "Vanege" estas nomo. Vidu supre.

"Lea, kara, kiel vi fartas?" estas tute normala salut-maniero.

Oho, mi ne rimarkis, ke ĝi estas ies nomo! Dankon, kara Salivanto. :)

Estas amuze ke mi ne tuj rimarkis ke vi nomis min "kara."

Mi volas esti bona kaj tute normala Esperantisto! (pri via lasta komento; mi ne povis respondi tie)

Hello there, I saw you had added me and I'm glad you made an introduction on the forums.

Saluton kaj bonvenon al Duolingo!

As for kara, I've heard Esperanto speakers refer to each other as "Kara" it's less intimate in my knowledge in Esperanto. More like " Dear Friend" but it can also mean "Dear" like sweetheart. Either way it's an endearment. :P

Yes, I like the expression. It's like calling children who are not your own "mija" or "mijo" (mi hija, mi hijo). Having a go-to word that let's you talk to others is good. Now, I suppose if it's especially intimate, someone may think you strange for using it--but since the Esperanto community is all about the love, I'm thinking it's a perfectly fine expression. (I am level 3 or so in Esperanto on my account without the 1. I am enjoying it!) Peace!


Good luck with learning Esperanto! I find it very easy to learn:)

I think the developers just put "kara" in. I've only seen it in the phrases skill, and I haven't seen it much outside of Duolingo.

Saluton Fenja kaj bonvenon al Esperanto!


Saluton, Fenja!

Dankon por la bela... hm, how do you say Thanks for the nice greetings? Ha ha! Dankon por la bela... salutojn?

I'm having a wonderful time learning so far, and I'm having to be strict and pace myself so I don't try too much at once. (And therefore get overwhelmed.) :)

... belaj salutoj ...

Wouldn't it be belaj salutoj as Dankon already has the accusative?

Yep. Thanks for keeping me honest.

Thank you both for the help! ^_^ (-n is giving me trouble insofar as I have to constantly keep it in mind because it's not something I'm familiar with, lol, but I'll get there!)

saluton, kiel vi fartas?

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