Who wants Zulu added on here?

May 5, 2016


I am Zulu and it is so cool. it's very easy to learn.

February 16, 2017

I'll sign up for Zulu for sure, and tell all my friends about it (at least those that are not yet Zulu speakers). Many of us white South Africans would love to actually become more South African. I wager all my 150 lingots you'll get 10,000 Zulu learners in the first week you release Zulu on DuoLingo.

November 22, 2017

I'm Zulu. I'm very happy to see that many people want to learn the language.

November 22, 2017

Swazi, kade babasikaza ukwethula isiZulu lapha kuDuolingo kodwa do. Ngikhuthaza abantu abanesasa lokuphuthumisa lo msebenzi ukuthi baphonse itshe esivivaneni. Ungabhalisa lapha uma uthanda: Phambili!

April 10, 2018

I don't know what you're saying here, but I hope it suggests SwaziMkhonza contributes to the Zulu course. I went to the incubator site, but Zulu is not there yet. Crossing my fingers to see it soon... maybe another collaboration with the Peace Corps for this language???

January 17, 2019

Amen to that! I'm overbidding on it with my 363 lingots! Not only white but also Indian, colored and black South Africans who are not isiZulu speakers would definitely enjoy such a course. And to go even further, I believe many non-South Africans would also LOVE to learn isiZulu, if only a proper course was available at last..

November 22, 2017

me Zulu is awesome i hate when i go to south Africa and i have no idea whats going on lol

May 5, 2016

If one wants to travel and live in South Africa nad southern Africa Zulu can be a great help, particularly if wanting to explore more rural areas, also There is so much rich culture a lot modern and old and a lot of Zulu Culture ( Imean there is the traditional) (and there is modern culture) and the knowledge of Zulu is a base to really absorb and appreciate your travel stay or wish to live in South Africa, with out it its like only skimming the surface or not having all the ingredients to a great meal. Further with Zulu it helps to learn other African languages particulary those of the same language group, Nguni. Also if ever in Johannesburg With Zulu it really helps if ever caught up in a conversation with people that know what i consider one of the strangest mixed lingos ever Sowetan.

July 15, 2016

Me. Desperately. I am an english speaking South African learning Xhosa and Zulu for many years. I would love to continue with isiZulu or isiXhosa using the duolingo app.

It would help many english speakers to learn more effectively. Thanks a lot.


March 24, 2017

in the meantime, you can practice on memrise (as I'm doing now), it's a great site, I like to use both memrise and DL when available since they have a different approach. Anything to learn more Zulu!

March 24, 2017

I'm on there now but I can't get it to play audio. Does it not pronounce each word?

August 2, 2017

Unfortunately the courses offered at the moment on memrise are not produced by the official memrise team but by memrise users. It's not perfect but it's something. Some of the courses offered have audio, others don't. If the course you started with does not have audio, try another one which does. And most of all, enjoy learning isiZulu !! :-)

August 3, 2017

Please, please, please (ngiyacele) add Zulu. Zulu is the most widely spoken home language in South Africa (24% of the population), and it is understood by over 50% of its population. So that's more than 25 million people who speak Zulu in South Africa.

April 11, 2017

"namuhlanje siqala ukufunda isizulu" was my first Zulu sentence learned at school in Durban!

August 14, 2016

wow thanks for your comment Ricardo, I am trying to learn isiZulu and I learnt two ways of saying "today" which are "namhlanje" and "namuhla". I now understand that they are both derived versions of one same original word "namuhlanje", which makes a lot of sense! thanks :) Can't wait for DL to offer a Zulu course!!

May 5, 2017

Am an American living in South Africa and have a very high desire to learn Zulu as it's the base language for sub-suharan africa

December 14, 2016

Its nice to hear of interest from as far a field as America. If traveling to Sub Saharan Africa Where exactly. Pardon me If I offend but sometimes many from the U.S. struggle with geography because sub-saharan africa is huge if your intending to go to west africa there is no Zulu. If east africa Again Unless south Mozambique near Maputo its better to learn swahilli. Zulu is for southern Africa mainly South Africa the East coast (kwa zulu natal and border provinces. There are nguni languages related in Zimbabwe too like ndebele which is very simmilar. If wanting to come to South Africa its worth the effort southern africa it can help develop a base as there are simmilarties in other languges in the region but as a Bantu base the differences grow substantially, where the vocabulary differences increase tremendously. Africa its self is multi-curtural and ethnic. South Africa alone has 11 official languages. 4 of which are closely related to Zulu. Xhosa and Zulu are closely related and comprise of majority of first language speakers in South Africa.

December 14, 2016

i'm zulu

November 22, 2017

sorry miss read your living in South Africa you can forget the rest if not travelling further north of the limpopo

December 14, 2016

Hey, thanks for the follow up -- I live in Johannesburg and work with a lot of Xhosa and Zulu speakers -- so it's mostly to help me better communicate in a business environment and when I travel out of the big cities.

December 14, 2016

Yes, I want to learn Zulu.

October 6, 2016

yes lets start learning zulu

October 10, 2016

I'd like to see Zulu on here. Such beautiful clicks ^_^ And so infuriating in the beginning. I don't speak a lot; most of my studies came from the Zulu Bible and The Lion King o_o

January 19, 2017

Zulu!!! YES!

June 7, 2018

I would love to learn Zulu!

Duolingo needs more African languages, and there are so many reasons to choose Zulu. Firstly, it's of interest to language-enthusiasts because of its famous clicks. Secondly, it's a language everyone's heard of (the military talks about "Zulu time", and there's the Zulu Nation hip hop group, and there was that mini-series about Shaka Zulu and his fight against the British). And thirdly, it's the most widely spoken language in South Africa (and the mutually-intelligible Xhosa is second).

I can't wait for Zulu to be added to Duolingo!

September 18, 2018

Also, with the success of the Black Panther movie, I imagine there might be some interest in Zulu or Xhosa. (The Wakandans in the movie are speaking Xhosa, which is mutually intelligible with Zulu).

September 19, 2018

Yes! We need Zulu

November 8, 2018

I think if isiZulu was added it would have a million learners within 6 months. There's such an appetite for it in South Africa given that it's the most common home language in the country but so many people who don't have it as a first language can't speak it at all.

January 3, 2019

I would definitely use the Zulu course if it was introduced on duolingo. The approach and ease of learning makes a great difference. The sooner the better.

February 24, 2019

Yes, this should happen. It is also widely spoken in South Africa's neighboring countries as well. Many more Southern Africans will use duolingo if they can learn Zulu from it.

May 26, 2019

Zulu has a very large number of speakers and is widely spoken in South africa, it is a grerat base for the other Nguni languages of South Africa, Xhosa, Swazi, and ndebele, Ndebele is also spoken in Zimbabwe. Zuklu is a ggod starting point as it is a language that contains the click dithongs but less so in usage than Xhosa. I would like to improve my Zueu with aids from native speakers and well Created courese for Native English speakers. Its apity there is very little online material for a language from one of the rapidly growing influence in the world. I think Duo lingo would gain substantially from having this course

July 15, 2016

Yea I go to South Africa with my family and my Dad knows how to speak a bit of Zulu but there is only one word I know I am not sure how you spell it but it is scbanga witch means bad guy or something along the lines of that.

February 22, 2017

Me! Ngibonga kakhulu , umngane !

August 1, 2016

Yes! :D

March 1, 2017

I would like to continue with Zulu. I learned Zulu for 2 years at Varsity towards my degree. That was in the 1970's and I have forgotten most of the language and I would like to start again especially as I live in SA and it would be really useful to be able to speak Zulu fluently. Pat

March 3, 2017

I would like to have Zulu available. I had 2 years of Zulu at varsity but have forgotten so much. It is a very useful language as many South African people understand Zulu even if it is not their home language . Pat Dunbar

November 22, 2017

Is there still an interest in Zulu? I read on a thread that a group had started working on it. If there is resource problems, couldn't it be shared? Crowd funded, or crowd contributed?

June 29, 2018

YEBO there is still interest in isiZulu! I am delighted to hear that a group may have started working on it :) a call to the public to participate with resources is an excellent idea if there is a need for it and I would gladly contribute as best I can.

June 29, 2018

More than 27 million speakers and origin of the Ubuntu philosophy? Count me in. Xhosa from the same Nguni Bantu language group and which Nelson Mandela spoke, would be cool too.

July 3, 2018

Voting again and again, if I have to!! PLEASE ADD ZULU...

July 27, 2018

Yes. Duolingo is a wonderful means of learning a language. Please add Zulu.

March 21, 2019

isiZulu PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! I have been trying to learn isiZulu and German at the same time through many different means and ways. My German skills were boosted incredibly by Duolingo, and I know that if isiZulu can make it on here it would add so much value. I am even willing to contribute financially to make it possible!

March 23, 2019

Support for isiZulu for 2020! Sawubona!

May 20, 2019

I’m game. Let’s do it! Happy to pay towards this too if needs be.

May 20, 2019

Pleaaaaasseee! isiZulu is the biggest language group in Southern Africa with more than 12 million home language speakers. Surely this should be prioritised over other tiny/legacy languages?

May 20, 2019

I’m surprised it’s not in the works already.

July 4, 2016

Love Zulu! Would be so awesome to be able to speak it better! Coolest language :)

February 15, 2017

YES!!!! I grew up in South Africa many years ago, during the apartheid era. As a white student, I was taught Afrikaans, but not Zulu. One of my big regrets is that I only know a few words in Zulu. I go back for visits every couple of years, and I'd love to be able to converse with my friends there!

April 5, 2017

Would be awesome!

April 27, 2017


May 18, 2017

Yes please for SURE!

June 14, 2017

Yea a proper Zulu course would absolutely sick! And Duolingo will be the first language learning site to offer it! Did someone say exclusive? ;)

July 3, 2017

Can't wait. I think it is such an important language.

November 1, 2017

I would really like to learn Zulu because I have a friend who lives in a Zulu township in South Africa and I would love to go and visit her but i think it would be good to learn the language a bit before

January 12, 2018

I've always had this fascination for South Africa, so I think that learning their most spoken language could really help me out one day ahahah

March 19, 2018

I'm white and live in North West, South Africa, but I want to learn Zulu, Tswana and Xhosa really badly because it sounds so cool and I'd live to communicate with black South Africans in their language. I love all the cultures too, and listen to a lot of Zulu music (LOL I get confused looks from my family 'cause of it)

Being able to learn any other Southern African language would be cool actually.

May 6, 2018

I do! I’ll repeat this again and again! A year or two ago, it was announced Zulu would soon be introduced...

July 29, 2018

Me please! I would love not only to improve my Zulu but have very few places to practice. So I’m also super keen for a Zulu club.

May 3, 2019

Ngicela isiZulu! I can make more complicated sentences than that, for a start.

July 9, 2019

I have access to decent Zulu resources and many fist language speakers (I live in South Africa after all) and would love to contribute to the creation of such a course. I also strongly agree that there will be an enormous increase in the market for DuoLingo in South-Africa as soon as Zulu is offered as a course.

July 17, 2019

Zulu is the most basic ethnic language spoken in South Africa

January 13, 2017


February 20, 2017


March 13, 2017

I do

April 9, 2017

yes please

May 1, 2017

Yes please!

May 18, 2017


June 26, 2017

I would love to see Zulu added to Duolingo :)

September 20, 2017

me! pls add zulu!

December 22, 2017

I do!

February 8, 2018

Yes please. You'll help make South Africa great!

March 8, 2018

Yes please

June 18, 2018

Remember you need to have lots of upvotes on the request before they will consider adding it. About 800-1000 upvotes will go a long way to convincing the admins.

June 30, 2018

Yes, oh please!

July 10, 2018

Me please! I would love to learn Zulu, such a beautiful language :)

July 27, 2018

Im still waiting!

July 29, 2018

Yes please.

September 20, 2018


September 27, 2018

Really want to learn Zulu!

October 8, 2018

I would love to be able to communicate with the tribal elders when I go back to SA for the next festivals

January 25, 2019


April 18, 2019

yes, please add Zulu.

April 18, 2019

Yes please

April 19, 2019

YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 26, 2019

It would be an interesting language to learn I really think people would enjoy it!

June 20, 2019

I was born and raised in South Africa and can only understand Zulu, I can't speak read or write in it so I would really appreciate this course

July 3, 2019
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