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  5. "La maglia è azzurra."

"La maglia è azzurra."

Translation:The sweater is light blue.

January 20, 2014



I thought maglia was sweater? Camicia is shirt. Why does this translate to shirt?


Sweater is maglione :) And I think maglia is referring to t-shirts whereas camicia refers to an actual buttoned shirt


Yes, the word camicia implies buttons.


if you want to know what a clothing item is go to amazon's (or other retail) Italian site and type the Italian word in. that is how Italians use the word. retailers would not screw that up. some of these words can have multiple meanings. even Italian has synonymous words (sinonimi) in the case of maglia and maglione think of padre and padrone. google 'Italian words suffixed with -one'. in Italian none word for 't-shirt' is 't-shirt'.


I always translate it as "jersey" (a heavy woven fabric), and use il maglione for "sweater" (a heavier knit fabric).

Amazon.IT is the Italian site.


In American English, at least, a "jersey" is almost always a shirt worn by a baseball, football or soccer player that has a number on it.


That tends to be true today, but didn't used to be true as much. Jersey used to be used more regularly for a knit shirt like a sweat shirt. Jersey is also a term for a fabric weave, and that is still commonly used (silk jersey, cotton jersey, wool jersey etc)


I thought maglia was sweater or jersey and maglietta was tee shirt (perfectly OK spelling BTW) and camicia was shirt. Is this wrong?


I've also seen blu used for blue. Is that not right?


It is, but azurro is light blue (which is accepted as one of the answers for that word btw) and blu is a darker shade


Maglia is a sweater, camicia is a shirt??


maglia=tee shirt, maglione=sweater/pull over, camicia=buttoned shirt


la maglia is "jersey" which is a heavy fabric, while "il maglione* is a sweater. As these exercises advance, Duo gets more picky about that, and you're better off sticking with these two different words with their different meanings.


Think of the Italian National Team's nickname in football: 'I Azzurri' (the blue ones).


So, maglietta is a small sized Tshirt and maglione is a big sized Tshirt? :)


Cyclist are wearing "le maglie", so why not "jersey" here?


The other good solution is The jumper is blue. Jersey is the same as jumper so "The jersey is blue" is correct.


In the US at least, people don't say jumper (which I think is a British word for what Americans call a sweater). And a jersey is a shirt worn by athletes (and it is also a breed of cow).


Other way around. Sweater is an American word for either a jumper or a cardigan


The leader's jersey in the Giro d'Italia bike race is 'la maglia rosa'! I'm with you on this one...


Because La maglia can mean sports shirt, tee-shirt, or sweater, in English I would use the more generic term of 'top'; this would cover all those cases - since the type of top appears unclear anyway.


in previous sentences you used "maglia" for "shirt" which I always thought was "camicia"


How do you know the sweater is "light" blue? Doesn't azzurra/o simply mean "blue"?


Where is light blue? Its azzurra only


Why is "blue" unacceptable?


duo normally accepts 'blue' for 'azzurro'. if it didn't this time, it was a mistake. but 'azzurro' is 'light blue'.


La mia risposta è buona


what is blue, and what is light blue?


Blue must be acceptable.


The meaning of la maglia so far used to be shirt, and sweater was maglione... ???


so if maglia is a shirt and maglione is a sweater, why is this sentence translated as 'the sweater is light blue' ?


They are called "sweaters" in america but in other English speaking countries they are also called "Jumper" or "Pullovers". AS USUAL, ENDLESS TALK BY DUOLINGO AND NO ACTION.


I saw a discussion on one of these exercises about color discussing the difference between azzurro and blu which mentioned the English cognate azure. I tried that as a translation here and it was accepted.


I think if for instance camicia means buttoned shirt, we should literally say buttoned shirt as it gets confusing otherwise. Like if you click maglia in this case, it says shirt or sweater is acceptable but really theres a better word for sweater and maglia works only if not buttoned which we dont know.


I do not hear annithing


Azzurro is translating to "light ble,", which makes sense. What is dark blue or navy blue?


The neutral blue blue is blu in Italian - It is one of the invariable Italian color adjectives. Navy blue is, not surprisingly, blu marino. As one of the user mentioned above, celeste is also the name for sky blue.

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