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Vietnamese course problems

there should be both north and south dialect/words not just one or the other. ( tested some of the course, and was confused a bit with some of the word since I speak southern)

as well as sometimes words like ở should be taken in all meaning. Since it can mean live in or is at or etc... like một which could mean one or a .

That is all i have to say for now

May 5, 2016



sometimes words like ở should be taken in all meaning

I'm not sure it makes sense to try and learn all the meanings of a word the first go, whether you are learning here or elsewhere. Without being set in context, you would waste a great deal of energy trying to remember all the meanings.

I do see them introducing various meanings of some words as you get further along in the course, which seems to me a good way to approach it.


I would advise against this.

You should learn one dialect. Once you get to an advanced level, then feel free to explore other dialects. Vietnamese is complicated enough, don't make it any more complicated and confusing. As a beginner, learning the first thousand words is a big deal. How would you feel if you have learn 3000 words to just cover 1000 basic vocabularies?

I'm learning french right now, and it's Paris french. I'm not learning southern french, nor Belgium french, nor Quebec french, nor African french. Once you are advanced, then explore, but as a beginner, keep it simple.


what I'm saying is that the other dialect or in other sense should be accepted as the correct answer as well cause they aren't different entirely.


Oh, in that case, I agree. However, the program has only been in beta for a couple of weeks. You have to suggest these translations. Otherwise, no one would think to add them.


The Northern Dialect, mainly the Ha Noi dialect, is considered as Standard. I think the people here follow the main, standard dialect. In my experience, most of foreigners learn and speak Southern Dialect, which I actually find also easier to learn and understand.

It depends, however, what your goal is. If you want to learn Vietnamese, because you need it for your job and you will deal a good time with authorities and officials, the Northern Dialect is the best choice. If you only want to learn for travelling and small-talking, the southern Dialect is fine.


I completely agree with this comment. There should be both north and south dialect vocabulary and pronunciation.

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