Lessons offline

Is there a way to choose wich lessons will be available offline? I practice on my way to work, where I have no internet access. I use an iPod. It works well, but it is sometime frustrating where there is not enough lessons available to keep me busy. Also, it seems like the "strenghen weak skills" fonction is never available offline? Is that really the case?


January 20, 2014


Hi! There isn't currently a way for you to pre-select lessons you'd like to do offline. Strengthen weakest skills isn't offline right now.

Thanks for your answer. Could you explain though how the lessons are chosen? Because, this morning, for example, there were no lessons available offline so I broke my streak. It was a bit frustrating. I went online yesterday to make sure that is synchronised, but it didn't seem to help. However, there was a completed skill available. Could it be a bug?

I'll second that - could you explain when and how lessons are saved for offline use? It'd be helpful to predict what I'll have available on the subway, and what actions I need to do to make sure there's something saved on my phone. Thanks!

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