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When Can/May We Get an Android app?

[deactivated user]

    Is an Android app in development?

    I can't wait to take this on the go.

    January 25, 2013



    as soon as we can fill the position we'll start developing!


    The mobile positions listed here are for the Android developer we need: http://duolingo.com/#/jobs

    Our current mobile developer works on the iPhone app and will be able to fairly easily port it to iPad, but Android apps are coded in a different language (Java) and will need a dedicated developer to make and upkeep.


    Would you consider a tele-commuter? Don't want to move to Pittsburgh or NYC...


    I agree. I have a galaxy s3 right now, and the one thing that is keeping it from absolute perfection is the lack of the Duolingo app. I can't wait until the Android app comes out, and until then, i'm forced to use the website only...


    you guys did a great job! really need the Android Duolingo!!<sub>~</sub>~as an engineer&PM, even want to develop it by myself>_<~


    I already started: https://github.com/mic47/duolingo-unofficial

    It is just a webview that load duoligo.com and apply fancy css sheet, so the webpage displays nicely (facebook login does not work, you have to provide username and password).


    Cool - just completed a lesson using it. The screen is better than just going strait to the webpage, but it still doesn't fit exactly right. Do you have the sheet set up for a particular phone/screen size?

    Anyway, nice work and thanks for sharing it with us.


    I tested it on Samsung Galaxy S III. But it should be screen independent (I was putting 100% to all important elements), but for some reason it is a bit (few pixels) wider. I do not intend to develop full Android App, I just want something that is easier to use that web browser with minimal efford.


    so cool! will try it later today!

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