Question - điều đó vs việc đó?

Is there a meaningful difference between điều đó and việc đó? It seems that maybe the former appears more frequently at the start of sentences? Not sure if I am missing some other pattern to use.

May 6, 2016


Việc đó is about công việc (tasks, chores, business stuff, things to do).

For example, if I tell you a piece of gossip, you would say "điều đó is not true." "Việc đó" would not work here, since it's not a "thing" to do.

If I ask you, "Did you say you have to go downtown to do something?" You say, "Oh, Việc đó didn't pan out." Or if I ask, "Did you do that thing I asked you?" You would say, "Việc đó I haven't done yet."

Most of the times, you can use điều where việc is, but not vice versa.

May 6, 2016

Very helpful, thank you.

May 6, 2016

Different question--when to use either of these versus just 'đó' or 'kia'?

August 25, 2019
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