Vocabulary Not Presented

Not sure if anyone else has had this issue, but I noticed the other day that some of the vocab that is listed in the lessons does not actually appear when you go to do the lesson. For instance, while doing the French from English tree's Common Phrases:

Lesson 2: il y a Lesson 3: à bientôt Lesson 4: de rien

I have noticed this on both the website and the Android app. I repeated the lessons, and finally got "il y a" to show up, but not the others. Also, when I go under the "Words" tab, I see words in the list that I have never seen/studied before, and yet it will claim that I practiced it "6 hours ago" (or some other amount of time). For example:

oignon "yesterday" tomate "yesterday" baguette "yesterday"

I know I haven't seen these words. I just checked, and I SHOULD have seen them in lessons 1 and 2 of Food, but did not. Any ideas?

May 6, 2016


This is fairly common especially with longer skills with more lessons. If ou get a question wrong then Duo tries to repeat that sentence and with only about 20 sentences in a lesson, the more repeated sentences, there is more chance of missing one of the words.

May 6, 2016

I get that, and I agree with that methodology to an extent. However, the problem here is that all words for that lesson should show on the initial completion of said lesson. Otherwise, you end up with a situation like I experienced, where you are expected to be familiar with a word even though you've never seen it before. That was the only way that I realized this way happening; I was reviewing and was presented with word that I hadn't seen before.

Also, the number of lessons in the skill should be irrelevant to this, as each lesson only contains a few words/phrases.

EDIT: As a follow-up, I decided to redo one of the lessons from Common Phrases. I made sure that I answered every question correctly. Once again, I was presented with every word listed for that lesson with the exception of "à bientôt".

May 6, 2016

When you do a skill lesson, either for the first time or when you "redo" it, you get somewhere between 6 and 23 items in the lesson. These items are sampled from a pool of potential items that could be presented. Each time you do the lesson, the items will be similar but they are not likely to be the identical sequence of items.

There seems to be some randomness involved, which would explain why the same item sometimes appears 2 or 3 times, even though you get it right each time. There also seems to be some non-randomness, because the items which have you select one of three pictures always come near the beginning.

Because of the randomness, sometimes an item that is supposed to be in the lesson is not presented. Also, if it is in the lesson, typically only a small number of forms of the word appear. For example, if the lesson is supposed to contain the present tense of "vivre", we will get some of "vis", "vit", "vivons", "vivez" and "vivent", but almost never get all of them. I don't even know if all of the conjugations exist in the pool of items for a lesson. Even if they did all exist, you would have to do the lesson over and over to be assured of getting all of the conjugations.

But it gets worse: sometimes the lesson does contain a word you are trying to practice, and you answer it correctly, but (1) the word's strength does not change and (2) the "last practiced" date does not change. This is extremely frustrating.

I haven't noticed the problem of getting credit for words that I haven't seen in lessons, much less answered correctly. I don't trust my own memory enough to say whether this has ever happened to me.

May 11, 2016
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