"Are you children?"

Translation:Jesteście dziećmi?

May 6, 2016

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May we say it with Czy? Czy jesteście dziećmi?


why is it dziecmi instead of dzieci


I think it's because dziećmi is the instrumental case. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that in Polish, one benefit of the nouns having seven cases is that there are ways to not worry about word order. In English, we have no choice but to say "Are you children?" because we only have one way to say the word "children" and one way to ask "are you?". In Polish, though, the instrumental case of the noun can show that they are the object of this question no matter where you put it. I think you could ask "Dziećmi Jesteście?" and it would be identical Please correct me if I'm wrong!


People tend to claim that Polish has a free word order. That's just not true. We can say that it's 'relatively free' or 'flexible', but definitely not free. And it's not like you can just not worry about it.

Changing word order may result in a sentence that is natural but gives a different emphasis, a sentence that sounds like from poetry, a sentence that technically isn't wrong but is just very weird... or a sentence that is just plain wrong.

"Dziećmi jesteście?" undergoes the "technically not wrong but just very weird" category.


Unless jesteś yoda ;-)


* Yodą jesteś


Why can't I use the "ty" version for this? Is it because "ty" is for singular you? Wy for plural you?


Good example for 2nd person plural! I imagine it being very difficult to learn these things by heart if they are non-existent in one's native tongue.


Is it possible to have the question with są instead of (jest) jesteście? Maybe something similar (possibly incorrect) to: Czy są dziećmi?


I'm very new to Polish, but I suppose the sentence "Czy są dziećmi?" should be translated into : "Are they children?" So this is a possible sentence.


Czy jestes(accent)cie sa(accent) dziecmi?


Czy jestescie dzieci? Does this not work?


And why 'Czy jesteśmy dziećmi' is incorrect? As native Polish speaker (trying to teach my daughter Polish) I would never say 'Jesteśmy dziećmi?'


Your answer would be accepted if you used "jesteście", not "jesteśmy".

On the other hand, I'm surprised that you'd never say that, but there's no doubt that questions without "czy" are perfectly correct.

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