"Det er vann."

Translation:That is water.

May 6, 2016



How to distinguish the pronlunciation between Det er vann and De har vann?

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    In the first sentence, you say the following.

    det er - /də æːɾ/

    In the second, you say this.

    de har - /diː hɑːr/

    Click here to listen to IPA symbols being pronounced.


    I believe it is a hard e sound for De, i am not too sure.


    Bokmål - Det er vann/vatn.
    Nynorsk - Det er vatn.

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      Is the t silent in "det" or very vague? Takk!


      The 't' is silent, as well as in the definite forms of neuter nouns; 'huset' is pronounced huse. The exception is when the 'genitive s' is present: 'dets' and 'husets' are pronounced dets and husets.


      Hello! I was wondering, if "det" is "that", what is "this"?


      "dette". Dette er vann. This is water.


      What is the difference between Det and Den (if there is any)?


      Den and Det mean it. but they have differences. Den is used for female and male. And Det used for neutral gender.


      How come it pronounces det as "de-et" but when pronouncing the whole sentence the t in det is silent?

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        Det is always pronounced as /də/ (or /ˈdeː/ when stressed) and never as "de-et" /di:t/ regardless of its position in the sentence or the neighbouring words.


        I just want to know, what is the actual meaning of 'dere'?? You or they? Coz in some sentences the actual answer they showed dere means you but i typed they still my answer became correct..

        [deactivated user]

          Dere is "you" (plural).

          Dere er jenter. (You are girls.)

          De is "they".

          De er ikke menn. (They are not men.)

          Maybe it was a bug. 2nd person plural and 3rd person plural pronouns are never the same. Please refer back to the tips section to view more information.


          Is the D silent as well? I cannot hear it at all


          Is "det" and "de" pronounced equal? Takk!


          While "det" is pronounced with silent t, "de" is pronounced with i vowel.


          Does it also mean "there is water"? Is there a different way to say "there is water"? If not, is the difference given by context?


          Der is good - nooo?

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