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Bonus Skills not integrated at all

So I've seen threads discussing the lack of bonus skills on Android.

But what I've noticed today is that words from Bonus Skills don't even get added to vocabulary at all. Those skills and words decay, but they don't get included in the Practice, so the only way to practice them is to do the skill practice separately, and there are various arguments for why you might not want to do that.

Is this a known issue? Will it be addressed?

January 20, 2014



This was the response I got from DL when the bonus lessons were first released:

The words learnt from the special edition skills (Christmas, Flirt, Idioms) won't be added to the word count. Sorry about that!

Not sure if they plan on (or have based on other conservations) changing this or not, but they are aware of the issue.


Probably that's the same issue. Thanks. Nonetheless I don't care for the word count as much as I do for the decaying skills.


I always assumed it was too. I'm torn on the issue. Part of me would like to have it integrated so I can easily keep everything golden, but part of me doesn't want to be randomly thrown an idiom or pick-up line that more or less requires phrasal memorization when I'm doing lesson practice.
They way I wish it worked was that if you strengthened a word in any sentence that was part of the Bonus Skills, the word in the corresponding Bonus Skill vocab list would improve as well.
I should have to translate 'El niño pone la estrella en el árbol. to get 'credit' for knowing the word star in the Christmas Skill.

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