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Two children - One computer.

I need help with setting up two separate lessons, one for each child. They both want to learn Spanish. Is this possible? Thanks.

January 20, 2014



You can create two different accounts for child if you have access to separate emails (DL doesn't verify email, so you could theoretically make-up one if you don't have two, but that may cause you problems if you forget your password).
Also, once you have two separate accounts, one option is two download two different Internet browsers. Child 1 could log-in using Chrome and child 2 could log-in using Firefox. This was you don't have to deal with logging in and logging out each child when they want to switch accounts.


We have the same problem. We finally resolved to sign up one on the computer, and the other on our Kindle. So far, it seems to be working fine, though I've noticed that a lot of features aren't available (e.g., heart refill) on the mobile platforms.

I think Wazzie's solution will work well, though I would like to make another suggestion. As a general best practice, each kid should have their own account on the computer, and their accounts should only have 'user' permissions. This will prevent them from installing viruses or messing with important operating system files. Also, in Win7/8, it also lets you apply pretty nice parental controls. The cool part for them is that the kids can set up their profile (i.e., wall paper, system sounds, etc) just the way they like it.

You then, only have to log on to Duolingo once (once per account) and then when the kids log on to their Windows profile, their Duolingo account will be loaded and ready to go.


If two accounts isn't possible (although is the proper solution), Chrome can technically be set-up for different profiles. It's a little more complex though, but would save you needing to use two different browsers.

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