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"¿Qué tipo de información encuentras en el Internet?"

Translation:What type of information do you find on the Internet?

January 20, 2014



Perhaps the question should be: "What type of information do you NOT find on the internet?"


It's funny they consider here "the internet" masculine ("el internet") and in other exercises feminine ("la internet") when we in Spain (native here) simply say "internet" without any article.

For us (again, in Spain) this would be translated as :
- ¿Qué tipo de información encuentras en internet?


En internet is more common and correct usage than saying en el internet.


Hi La_Regenta, can you tell me if that is for Spain or Latin America?


in argentina is el internet. though i think the correct is la, because net is red, which is la. though we don't say "en el internet" we only use "en internet", no article.


"En internet", without any articles is how we say it in Spain.


ah - thank you for the tip


Wouldn't you more likely ask "Qué tipo de información se encuentra en el Internet?"


It´s ok if you want to ask some generic question instead of applying to some subject.
Other valid translations would be (depending on who are you applying to) :

  • ¿Qué tipo de información ENCUENTRA/ENCUENTRAN/ENCONTRÁIS en internet?


I believe you're right


It depends on the context. If you're asking a general question, then yes, se encuentra would be better. If you're asking a specific person about their Internet experiences, though, encuentras would probably be what you want.


In another question I was marked wrong for saying "el internet". Duo stated it was "la internet". Everywhere else, including here, it's presented as masculine. Strange.


What type of information do you encounter on the internet? should you encounter any information, be assured by Duo that you didn't find anything. ;)

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