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Students complete assignment but gain no experience

I have a single student who has encountered a problem where he completes a lesson but receives no XP. When he exits the app either on his computer or on his phone, he then loses all progress and is locked out of recently unlocked lessons. Can anyone provide insight into this?

May 6, 2016



Does he click through all the ending screens before going back "Home"?

When you finish a lesson, Duolingo likes to tell you "Lesson completed!" and how many XP you earned, and maybe what your fluency is, and maybe if you reviewed a skill set (turned it gold)....

There can be 3 or 4 screens after the last sentence in a lesson, and if they bail out early it can prevent them from getting their XP.


It could be as simple as he is exiting without tapping on the "continue" tap first. I have noticed that when I try to quickly exit, the app warns me that if I quit at this point I will not gain my XP or lingots. Maybe watch them play a round and then slowly exit, making sure that they have passed through until it is saved. Good luck.


maybe you can re anise the assessment or change some of the settings. Did he/she rebut their divices? that might help.

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