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"He has a son from this relationship."

January 25, 2013



I am confused about the structure of this sentence. Why is "hat" before "er"? Could it be acceptable for it to read "Aus dieser Beziehung er hat einen Sohn"?


In German the word order of the sentence is quite flexible, but there is one important rule - the verb is always the second 'idea' in the sentence (unless you are asking a question, then it is the first). In this sentence, 'Aus dieser Beziehung' is one 'idea' so 'hat' (the verb) comes next. You could also say 'Er hat einen Sohn aus dieser Beziehung' or 'Einen Sohn hat er aus dieser Beziehung' but the verb 'hat' is always the second part of the sentence. In 'Aus dieser Beziehung er hat einen Sohn' the verb would be the third idea (after 'Aus dieser Beziehung' and 'er'), so it wouldn't be correct.


Great explanation, thank you.

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