"Sorry, that bread is mine."

Translation:Xin lỗi, cái bánh mì đó là của tôi.

2 years ago



xin lỗi, chiếc bánh mì đó là của tao . Sao lại sai vậy >.<

1 year ago


I haven't seen this grammatical construction before in this course. Does the demonstrative adjective always come after the noun it modifies in Vietnamese?

2 years ago


Well, I think what you mean is correct. Since it says, Xin Loi, cai Banh mi DO la cua toi. Which means - Sorry, the bread OVER THERE is mine. You could say Banh mi ay la cua toi, it means the same thing, just the words are moved around. So yes, you are right!

2 years ago
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