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  5. "Gutten leser noe."

"Gutten leser noe."

Translation:The boy is reading something.

May 6, 2016



Does this final vowel sound open like an "a" sound instead of "e" or is Duo's pronunciation incorrect? I also have this feeling in "jente", which sounds identical to "jenta" to me.


E is pronounced differently depending on the vowels placement in a word. In «lese», the final E is short and unstressed, and it is therefore more open (towards an A, but not quite an A). To be precise, it is an /ə/. This is also the case with the E in «noe». The first E in «lese», however, is both stressed and long, and it is therefore more closed (IPA: /e:/).


Okay, so I believe my terminology was not good, I was talking about open/closed but thinking about front/back. I have read a little about IPA and now I understand it better. But still one doubt remains: do "jente" and "jenta" really sound identical, with /ə/? Thank you!


No, they sound quite distinct (at least to a Norwegian listener). «jente»: /ˈjɛntə/; «jenta»: /ˈjɛntɑ/. By the way, the first E in «jente» is stressed and short, explaining the /ɛ/.


Oh, okay. So I can imagine the difference (and maybe pronounce it, though I'm not sure if my pronunciation is correct) using the IPA symbols, but the pronunciation by Duo lady seems quite identical to both words for me... Is it a Duo problem or my ear problem? (and her pronuciation to "noe" still sounds and /ɑ/ to me, but I may be wrong)


I don't have an example of «jente»/«jenta» in the Duolingo sentences, so I don't know how the computer voice says them. I did find «kvinne», however (in «en kvinne og en mann», and it does indeed sound like she is saying «kvinna». In this «noe», it sound quite correct, though - I am only hearing an E.


I started paying attention and Duolingo often makes these mistakes when in slow motion, but it is usually better in normal speed. Well, thank you very much for all the answers, mabynke. Cheers!


Just so is out there, a great(and fun) way to hear the spelling is to just watch movies, the ones i know n love: Troll hunter, Ragnarock, Lillyhammer, Dead snow, Rare exports, magic silver. They do a good job showing you the pronunciation


Where'd you watch some of those shows? Ragnarok was good, but I've never heard of the last 3 your mentioned.


I think that's just Norwegian pronounciation


really just missed e and its sill wrong

[deactivated user]

    If you have more than one typo in your answer, Duolingo will treat it as wrong.


    Wouldn't the Norwegian for "is reading" be "er å lese"?


    No. Both «is reading» and «reads» translate to «leser».


    I wrote this and don't understand why it's showing a mistake


    How do you tell the difference between "Noe" = something and "Noe" = anything? Context only?


    'hva som helst' = anything


    Takke! Although I'm mostly thinking it'll just clear itself up down the road!


    Takk* Bare hyggelig!

    I'm sure there are severaly ways of translating 'something' and 'anything 'depending on the context, so don't take this for the only answer :)


    «noe som helst» is also an alternative. The «som helst» can be left out whenever it isn't important, though.


    How would I say "The boy reads some"? as is "some of them". Takk 10Mar17

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