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"She does not play with her man."

Translation:Sie spielt nicht mit ihrem Mann.

January 25, 2013



Clarification: How is "ihrem" generally used? Does "ihrem" go with the original subject of this sentence, "she"? Is "ihrem" used when you're talking about something the subject possesses in the same sentence?


'ihrem' is a form of the possessive pronoun 'ihr' meaning 'her' (like - mein=my, dein=your, sein=his/its). The ending of the possessive pronoun changes depending the case, number and gender of the noun coming after it i.e. the thing being 'possessed' - 'man' is singular and masculine, 'mit' takes the dative so the ending is 'em' - making 'ihrem'. So - which pronoun we use depends on the subject (owner), and the ending of the pronoun depends on the thing being owned. There is a list of pronouns and endings to use on this page: http://german.speak7.com/german_pronouns.htm Hope this helps!


Another link where you can find 'ihrem' explained is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_declension#Definite_articles Kind regards.


why was this choice wrong: Sie spielen nicht mit ihrem Mann.


Your sentence translates to "They don't play with their man", "They don't play with her man", "You (formal) don't play with their man" or "You (formal) don't play with her man".


thank you I misread the question...

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