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Duolingo In The Bathroom!?

I was at my local community college today and while I was in the stall I am certain that I heard the duolingo sound of someone completing a lesson and the sound of them typing and selecting different options while in the stall next to me. It was halarious!

January 20, 2014



I've had people ask if I was okay because I stayed in a stall an extra seven minutes to complete a section.


I have done that at work since cell phones are technically forbidden. turns out they can't place cameras to watch us in the stalls. If they could they would.


Where do you work that cellphones are forbidden?


The corporations big and small, I've worked at, have all had policies that say workers can't use cell phones. Apparently, they, corporate officers, don't want to pay us while we are net surfing. Some even blocked most of the internet on the computers at work too.


Many government/military workplaces won't allow cellphones because cameras are not allowed and it is almost impossible to have a cell phone these days without a camera (except for a few BlackBerrys made just for that purpose). Some don't allow cellphones at all because they could be used as recording devices.


Isn't everything a recording device yet? I recently read an article warning people about the danger of USB cables spying on you. o.O


At my previous government job, we weren't allowed to use flash drives :)


Actually we couldn't plug anything 'extra' into our computers, including keyboards, mice from home. I'm pretty sure this is the type of stuff they were guarding against. I remember someone had a USB fan or something, and they were told they couldn't connect it. Once, someone forgot, and plugged something they weren't supposed to into the USB slot, and IT confiscated the device and their computer until they were sure it was 'safe'.
Pain in the butt if you wanted to charge a iPod or something (but lets face it, those are just mini storage devices)
This was all post 9/11 pre-Snowden.


The flash drive/usb ban in government jobs came after Chinese hackers allegedly infected DoD networks with some kind of virus. Sometime in 2008.


Well of course, flash drives are obvious. Makes you kind of wonder how Snowden managed to get his hands on some secret documents.

This article mentioned peripherals that connect USB cable; keyboards, mice etc. Cables manufactured in the USA.



Wow, very intriguing. Thanks for the information.


Just about anywhere... To ensure you're actually doing work while at work.


That's hilarious. But hey, at least he/she is using duolingo.


All I take away from this discussion is that you should never borrow someone's cell phone.


Is your community college Daytona State College by any chance? Because I was doing some French lessons in a restroom on campus just about 4 days ago...


Lol I once saw a girl on the bus using duolingo, but in the bathroom, really!? haha XD


If I were able to access Duolingo in the bathroom, I would use it there! ;)


Putting iFunny out of business


I do the same thing. Commute? DL. Break between classes? DL. Bathroom? DL.


Quick, translate the following sentence into the language you're learning: "I was caught using Duolingo in a public washroom, and now the whole world knows about it because Banana119 blogged about it online."


Ich wurde dabei erwischt, wie ich Duolingo in einem öffentlichen Waschraum benutzt habe, und jetzt weiß die ganze Welt davon, weil Banana119 online darüber gebloggt hat.


I once heard someone practicing on the train, which is much more normal. I couldn't hear what language it was but it was a lower voice, so definitely not Spanish or French.


If it was me, I wouldn't mind that being said. Nothing was said against it or anything like that. I do it on the exercise bike in the gym. Sometimes I have to mouth the words. I'm sure I look ridiculous.


I've done two exercises this morning at home. It is better than staring into cat's litter and count her productions that she failed to cover :)


That is not that weird. Some people play video games. Some read. So take there laptop in there to play games! So why not!


actually, it's the title that makes me laugh, not the comment.


For me it was the other way around... I looked at the title and thought "What could possibly be worth reading in that post?" I read the post, and immediately understood.


Maybe it was me! :P


everyone is free in the bathroom, better learn a language than count the number of tiles!right?


Hey, if you've got free time on your hands, might as well do a lesson right? :D


If I wanted to practice duolingo at the local community college, I might consider hiding in a bathroom. It's a relatively quiet environment, but nobody is likely to be bothered or bother you if your app makes noise. XD


that is great, i mean what ever and when ever they can learn.


I always try to complete at least one Duolingo lesson in the morning.(In The Bathroom of course..)


I'd do that too if there was a Duolingo app for Windows Phone. ;(


Actually, there is! If you have a Windows 10 phone. Keep on learning! (And pooping XD)


You mean you DON'T use it in the bathroom?


Private bathroom - yes a lot. Public bathroom - also, but with earphones and speaking lessons deactivated


No speaking lessons here either. Although it'd be pretty amazing to hear someone yell Duolingo-sentences from a bathroom stall.



Challenge accepted!


Sono un pinguino! :D


Imagine being in a public stall and hearing one of the lines like "you are stupid."


I literally am laughing so hard rn XD XD XDDDDd


LOL! That's funny, man(woman)!


every time I'm on the toilet at work killing time and learning at the same time lol


I did that when I have my own private bathroom. now living in dorm life,I miss using duolingo in the bathroom badly :(


Today I was recommending this website to a friend and this girl overheard us. She said: ''it it Duolingo?'' I was pretty psyched! Though it turns out she used it for 1 week and quit. But still, meeting people who know Duolingo in real life is always a pleasant surprise.


Sounds like she learned her grammar from duolingo xD


LOL.... I do that all the time... it is often the only break i get from teaching all day long :)


Bathroom guy typing answer Duolingo: "Correct! You've completed this lesson!" Bathroom guy: "YES!" You: Looking under stall "Excuse me? Are you alright?" Bathroom guy: "Oh, uh, just crapping and learning, um.......can you pass me some toilet paper?"


I can't spare a square.


The fact that Duolingo is addictive makes it possible.


That tickles my funny bone.


And I thought I were hooked up. :) Nice.


I've seen people doing Duolingo in public but not in the bathroom. LOL.


but it will probably give you a better chance of getting sick. and since there would be more germs it would be more likely to contaminate


I guess wherever it seems suit for the person, it would be acceptable. Good on them for learning in the br lol...


Yeah. I agree with BankVault2 and Firepaw


I do that at my private home bathroom, but in a college bathroom!? XDDD


That is the funniest thing Ive heard all day lol If I were you, I would act like it never happened

~ ReallyNotMaia


I am guilty of this!

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