Changes in the learning system made about 3 days ago, I don't like it.

Hello troubleshooting support people,

I must tell you that I have lost most of my sanity over this program in the past three days. I schedule about 2-3 hours everyday on this program and about 3 days ago I ran into some issues with Vietnamese, so I decided to switch to French courses. This was mostly because Vietnamese wasn't accepting my answers, even if there was a 1 letter typo.

The next day I do my second language (I rotate between French and Polish), and I manage to do a grand total of drummroll two practices, gaining me a whopping 20 xp from my usual 500-400. What was the cause of this you may ask? Well, It seems as if it was doing the same thing as the Vietnamese courses, if there was one typo, or one minor thing wasn't in place the whole practice would basically take away one whole correct answer's worth of the progress bar.

Today I started doing my French, and the same thing happened. My family members have advised me to take a small break and report what's happening, because I was getting incredibly furious about my inability to actually finish any lessons.

My theory is that Duolingo may have changed to a perfectionist model where you're not allowed to move up until you master everything unlike how it used to be (before these incidents) where you got a good idea of the words being taught and then you would slowly perfect them as you go up the language tree. I believe this is how it has been since I started, until three days ago.

I love Duolingo and want to help it, I don't think what has happened (if it has happened and I'm not disillusion) is any improvement in the right direction and I hope that you consider my opinion.

Thank you for reading - Aren

May 6, 2016


If it's an A/B test wait until it switches back to normality, if people are failing the lessons for sure they won't use the new method, stay calm :D

May 8, 2016

From what I can tell this issue has been fixed. Thank you so much fro the support guys!

EDIT: Nope, nothing got fixed :(

Happy learning, Aren

May 9, 2016

I find it very annoying too - could be a dealbreaker for me too. The point of learning is that you learn from your mistakes. If I make too many mistakes and get locked out that means that I can do three things - 1. Pay the required amount (NEVER) 2. Wait it out - it seems to restore itself after a few days (WHAT IS THE POINT OF THAT!) 3. Check all my answers on another app/dictionary so that I don't make mistakes (THAT WILL SURELY ENCOURAGE ME TO MOVE OFF DUOLINGO AND AGAIN - WHAT'S THE POINT DUOLINGO?) I know candy crush saga used to expect you to either pay or wait 3 days to move to another level. Guess what? They removed that feature. So wise up Duolingo. You have to make it fun and easy or people will give it up. I understand the necessity to make money out of the app but this one is a negative step if your intention is to teach language. People learn from their mistakes!

June 2, 2017
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