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Impossible to learn without external sources

Hi all,

the fact that the languages (at least Polish) cannot be learned with only Duolingo (the basics) and you have to rely on external sources, is a huge minus.

It is not motivating to delve into all the grammar rules that you cannot understand, because Duolingo does not explain anything at all about grammar (it can show how some form is done, but does not explain why).

Luckily, I studied at summer uni some basics and on my free time, but without some background and introduction to the language, you are screwed in Duolingo.

Likewise, the course does not explain the differences in the Polish sounds. Its essential.

Just some thoughts.

May 6, 2016



I'm going to partially agree, and partially disagree.

Duolingo is not meant to be a "one stop shop" for language learning. It is best thought of as a portal to be used for getting yourself a basic introduction to a language - and it has the best mechanism for reinforcement that I've come across. I've learned a great deal from Duolingo because of this method, but I would never suggest to anyone that Duolingo alone will get them where they need to be.

I don't think this is demotivating, however. The fact that there is a thriving community on Duolingo for whom the structure and format is working to improve language proficiency and increase interest in learning deeper is, I think, testament to the fact that the Duolingo process works. And to be honest, what you are looking for - in depth explanations of grammatical rules - isn't what Duolingo wants to be or how it wants people to learn.

I hope that you will find some value in Duolingo, but if you don't that's ok - there are other resources available that may be a better fit for your learning style, and if that's the case I hope you find something that works perfectly for you.


Yes, I suppose in this internet age I am getting too lazy and would really want the full learning experience in one place. Of course, you are right, it is still very motivating to keep going. Duolingo is quite entertaining and engaging. But at the same time I always have this fear; i find myself thinking I will learn something the wrong way here, inventing my own theories on how some conjugations work, resulting in more confusion. In any case I hope thats not the case and I hope the daily repetition will force my lazy brain to know these by heart.


True, it's not as effective if you're doing just Duolingo without any external sources, but it works really well as either a supplementary source or a starting place.

I'm finding the Polish course to be really difficult. I'm having a much easier time with German, where the grammar explanations are much more in depth and the tree is much more complete. I'm constantly searching for other sources to explain Polish.

Even so, I am not planning on quitting.


We will never give up!


The thing is… actually two things :

  • Polish has a very complicated grammar, probably one of the most complex among European languages (in comparison to Polish, I find German grammar easy) ;
  • unfortunately there are very few "tips and notes" in the Duolingo course (it seems the Polish team intends to fix that but they are not very fast at it).


Says you, TWO YEARS ago...;-) (Still a valid comment.)

Ha ha. I had no idea that German grammar would look easy. I don't why more new European hopefuls don't try to stay in Spain, Italy or France, ease of language-wise, and I certainly can't see most of them integrating well in Hungary or Poland, language-wise.


Unfortunately, there are still very few "tips and notes" for the Polish course (the Polish team intends to fix that but they seems to be a bit slow at it) and since the grammar is very complex (and also the spelling, although actually very regular, is not easy when you are not used to it), it's very difficult to learn it without other sources (or prior knowledge of another slavic language).


One thing that helps to complement Duolingo is Memrise, there's even a Memrise course that has the words from Duolingo Polish, it's a good way to memorize a lot of the words used here.

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