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  5. "Boję się burzy."

"Boję się burzy."

Translation:I am afraid of the storm.

May 6, 2016



Jestem psem.


"I am afraid of storm" doesn't speak correctly to me as a native English speaker. "I am afraid of storms," "I am afraid of the storm," or even the oddly phrased "I am afraid of a storm" would be correct. (Though I'd only use the last example as part of a sentence; "I am afraid of a storm passing through my town.")


I thought that bać się czymś? like Boję się burzą/burzami?


Well, the example at https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ba%C4%87_si%C4%99 "Boję się tego egzaminu" implies genitive, which is consistent with "burzy".

Moreover, Google Translate renders "I am afraid of something" as "Boję się czegoś." which is also exclusively genitive.


Would the verb bać się also function like boleć? 'Boi mi się burza'?


No, it can't ;)

Well... maaaaybe in some rather colloquial language, because we have a lot of weird (from the point of view of a non-Polish person) constructions with Dative, which work like 'something happened to me', for example "Zupa mi się wylała" is like "The soups spilled... to me"? So I can maybe imagine "Pies mi się boi fajerwerków", which would mean that my dog is afraid of fireworks and it affects me because I have to care for him. I can maybe imagine it, not sure if anyone would actually say that.

Anyway, in your sentence, the storm is afraid (of... we don't know what).


Why does the z in burzy sound as if it had a dot, when it does not

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