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Vertical scroll bar bug during discussions (new layout)

The vertical scroll bar in discussions does not work. If you try to click it, it just returns me back to the practice lesson. The only way currently to advance text during discussions to to highlight text and scroll through it. Another user posted the same issue 2 weeks ago, but there has been no response. Firefox 26.0. Link to other discussion: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1415909

January 21, 2014



Thanks! Taking a look.


This is happening to me too - not on this discussion forum but on the individual lesson screens, when "Discuss" is clicked. I see TWO scroll bars on the far right side of the screen. The far left one works, scrolls discussion screen up & down. The one next to it (to the "inside" of it), when you click on it, disappears, the discussion itself disappears, and it's back to the lesson screen. I also use Firefox 26.


Same problem for me too, also when I want to see comments in practice mode.


Yes for me too. Behaviour is inconsistent, sometimes normal functions such as spacebar/page up or down/scroll wheel etc. scroll the discussion box and sometimes the original lesson window. All this fancy JavaScript stuff is probably the reason the new site is so slow too.


Gosh - it got fixed for me awhile back. I haven't had further problems. I agree about the Java stuff though, especially for the forums. I would prefer a straightforward forum layout.


Scrolling in the lesson comments is really sluggish...

I aslo noticed that many of the forms are visually broken. Combo boxes (click to display a list) show double controls, as do fields like searching in the forum (double X marks).

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