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  5. "Czyje jest to wino?"

"Czyje jest to wino?"

Translation:Whose is this wine?

May 7, 2016



Whose wine is this ? is more correct I think


Is this word order fixed? Would "Czyje wino to jest" be wrong?


I can imagine using it, but I really cannot decide if it's good enough to add here. One other member of the team said "no".


When would you possibly use that order? What would the semantic difference between the two be? No worries about adding it as an answer!


It's hard to me to specify. The default answer is just kind of a 'proper' word order. Your answer seems actually fine to me, but there's something non-standard about it.


I couldnt figure it out, so i wrote czy je jest to wino - and it was marked correct! Is the czy je /czyje space optional or is it an artifact of duolingo?


It should have told you that you have an additional space, because "czy je" means "does he/she/it eat" or "is he/she/it eating"...

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