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  5. "Tôi dùng đường."

"Tôi dùng đường."

Translation:I use sugar.

May 7, 2016



đường either means road or sugar. this is slightly ambiguous.


You just have to learn it. In the real life you should know by the context which is being referred.

It's the same thing with english, for example the word "dates". "For us those weren't the best dates for flying to US".

Did they go during off-season, or did they get food poisoning? (or maybe the dates were bad "For us" as in "For united states")


Ps. If you responded "i use the road", that should be accepted imo. Here "đường" can have two meaning, since we don't have other context.



Vietnamese ‹d› frequently corresponds to Middle Chinese /j/ or /m/ initials.


This is so weird. Even though the pronunciation of dùng in the South is practically the same as in Mandarin, I can't get how it went from Middle Chinese jɨoŋ(H) to dùng, especially since d used to be pronounced [ð]. Even more surprising is (MC miɪn), which became dân or rân in Vietnamese. I see there is a pattern there, it's just implausible.


Why the word 'dùng' (use) is used here? Wouldn't it be more natural to use a different word meaning 'take' or 'put'?


Yes, it would. But languages are not always super precise. It's the same with English, where you can also 'use' sugar without specifying the exact action.


You're right :) Thank you.


My parents would pronounce dung as yung. Would that also be correct?


This might answer your question https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/15112956/Are-D-and-Gi-in-Northern-Vietnamese-phonetically-identical The "d" in Northern Vietnamese dialect sounds like an English "z". In Southern dialect it's pronounced like an English "y"


Yes in the southern accent


I put the words in the wrong order (I sugar use) in Vietnamese yet it was marked correct. I know this lesson is for listening to the sound of the words, and I got them mixed up. Why was it marked correct? Does word order matter in Vietnamese sentencing?


It probably passed the typo checker.

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