"Przepraszam, nie mamy tej usługi."

Translation:I am sorry, we do not have this service.

May 7, 2016

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I know this one's not the direct translation but in English it's very natural to say "we don't offer this service" so I think that should be accepted as a translation as well.


Sounds reasonable. OK, added.


Can you also use "offer" in this way in Polish; "nie oferujemy tej usługi"?


Yes, that sounds good to me. Added.


A more common English expression would be "we don't provide this service" or "we don't offer this service". "have" sounds weird, almost uneducated in this context.


An educated Pole would also rather say: Nie [oferujemy/świadczymy/wykonujemy] [tej/takiej] usługi.

However, this is a course of basic Polish, so the only verb we can use here is mieć. Making a different verb than 'have' the main translation would be confusing to the learners.

'Offer' was already accepted and I've just added 'provide' as an alternative translation.


It’s a trap! :D TTS seams to mess it up. I heard: Nie mamy tej SŁUGI. "u" is missing. You can hear "usługi" only in slow mode. "Usługa" means service while "sługa" means servant. The dissonance is because "tej" is defining feminine kind which "usługa" is while “sługa” is masculine and should be addressed as “tego sługi”.


U have to listen closely because i heard the "u"

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IMHO 'I am sorry we do not have such service' should be an acceptable answer as well

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