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"Chiếc ghế"

Translation:The chair

May 7, 2016



another exercise says "cái ghế" are both "cái" and "chiếc" correct for this one?


I would say they are both correct. The south uses "cái " for almost every object. Cuz we love simplicity. The north is more specific. So they use "chiếc" for chair


Please stay with "cái" and "còn" to make it simple. The North Vietnam has a lot of influence from Chinese that is both good and bad so keep the good ones and forget the bad ones. There are too many articles for Chinese, for example all articles for animals in Vietnamese are "con" but in Chinese cow, horse, rabbit, chicken, pig etc. have totally different articles.


But i was always suposed that in Chinese we can use 只 for all animals, and even 个 for everything at all, and people could understand us. May be i'm wrong, of course...


Chiếc, from Chinese 隻:

  • Mandarin: zhī

  • Cantonese: jek

  • Literary Hokkien: tsik, tsiak

This is a measure word that has different meanings in different Asian languages that borrowed it.


Also ghế is likely an old borrowing of 椅


In my family, we have never used "chiếc ghế." We normally use "Cái ghế."


Same here. Chiếc ghế is mostly used in the north


My correct answer was marked wrong in the test


I don't think that this is colloquially used, because "chiếc" can sometimes be understood as a piece of something.

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