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Any Interest in pen pals?

Just curious if there is a potential for current duolingo students to begin corresponding back and forth as a minor form of immersion. Perhaps begining with sending each other a paragraph a day, translating and replying with a paragraph. Anyone interested?

May 7, 2016



that would be awesome!


Fantastic! Ok let me work on a paragraph to send you tomorrow to get the ball rolling.... thanks for being up for the idea!


That's a great idea! So far my Irish is minimal (level 2), but I hope that in maybe 2 few weeks I could give this a try. Maybe others are interested too?

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I like that idea, too. But I'm not sure, if I have the time to write a paragraph each day!?!


I think that's a wonderful idea- if anyone is interested, feel free to contact me! :D

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Tá grúpa ann ar Facebook le ainm Gaeilge Amhain. Scríobhann na baill faoi a gcuid laethanta agus na tuairiscí agus gníomhaíochta agus ceol.

Tá Gaeilge maith ag na daoine sin agus tá siad an-chairdiúil. Ach ná scríobh Bearla ansin.

--- Bearla ---

There's a group on Facebook that goes by the name Gaeilge Amhain. The members write about their days, the news, activities and music.

The people there have very good Irish and they're very friendly. But don't write in English there.

I probably made a couple of mistakes in my Irish text, so feel free to point them out.


Wow this is intense so far. LaraghNCat is amazing at writing Irish and is definitely adding a whole new intensity to learning this language. Thanks LaraghNCat. I hope you all can pair up soon and start as well. So far it takes me about 30 min to translate the paragraph....

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