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"La pareja comentó sobre ellos."

Translation:The couple commented on them.

January 25, 2013



Shouldn't this be "La pareja comentaron sobre ellos."?


I'm guessing "La pareja" is treated as a singular. "La pareja comentaron sobre " has only 2 google hits and "La pareja comentó sobre " has 448 hits. Using a more common verb "La pareja bebe" 14,700 results and "La pareja beben" 7 results.


That's what I was thinking as well. My guess is that either is acceptable, but that the singular is the normal form.

I can see why either would work, but I think my brain is wired more for the plural.


who ever says Talked on them?


The bird commented on them. No wait, that's obviously gibberish. (Although I can think of a verb which would make the sentence completely sensible.) Hm. Párajo, Pareja. Is spanish trying to tell us something? Let's try, the couple gossiped about them. Means almost the same thing. Nope. Apparently not right either.

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