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[Timed practice Bug]: Nothing shown after timed lesson is finished


Google Chrome Version 32.0.1700.77 (Fedora core 19)

January 21, 2014



We are aware and fixing this. Thanks for reporting and sharing an image :)


This should now be fixed.


I'm still having this problem, as well as the similar problem where the lesson hangs at the end and won't give a completion screen. I have to manually end the lesson.


Can you try again? We just deployed a potential fix.


it appears to be working now. Thanks!


This "hangs at the end of a lesson" problem appears all over multiple discussions, and different DL team members and moderators seem to be working independently on it. Some users, like me, continue to have the problem after it is reportedly "fixed"; others don't. Can this be related to some combination of OS, browser, extension/plug-in...or something else that would differentiate between those who get "fixed" and those who don't? I don't see many users reporting these variables in their questions.

I use: Win7, Chrome Version 32.0.1700.76 m (same problem occurs with IE on my Win7 computer)

"Hanging" problem is not occurring on Win 8.1 Chrome Canary or Android phone.

I also cannot get microphone function to work.


The German umlauts did not come up on my iPad version that I just downloaded from the App Store. What am I doing wrong?

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