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  5. "Mae'r cwmpawd yma."

"Mae'r cwmpawd yma."

Translation:The compass is here.

May 7, 2016



Shouldn't this be "compasses" (device for drawing circles) rather than "compass" (direction finder) as we're in the classroom?


Two different words:

  • Cwmpas - as in a pair of compasses, or as in an instrument for drawing a circle (Welsh uses the singular for both). Also as in o gwmpas (around).
  • Cwmpawd - a compass indicating direction.


Since "Here is the compass" is accepted as a translation, does that mean you could use this Welsh sentence while handing a compass to someone or would that be a different construction?


As a simple, bland statement of fact 'the compass is here', mae'r cwmpawd yma is OK. If someone was pointing at it or waving it about or handing it over, etc, they would be more likely to use a more emphatic, demonstrative construction:

  • dyma'r cwmpawd - here's the compass
  • dyna'r cwmpawd - there's the compass


Surely the suggested answer "This compass" is wrong as it doesn't include the verb.


Correct. The incorrect answer has now been deleted. Thank you for pointing it out.


Fast work. Well done!


'This compass' is still showing as the mouse-over hint for the whole sentence.


Now fixed. Thank you.

[deactivated user]

    Why am I getting wrong for " There is a compass here."?


    'r (in Mae'r ) is the definite article ("the"), but you translated with an indefinite article ("a").

    [deactivated user]

      Oh, rabbits. So I did. Thank you, mizinamo

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