What is your favorite word in Russian?

What is your favorite word in Russian? Please answer what your favorite word is, what it translates to, and why it is your favorite. If you do not have a Russian keyboard, you can answer in English. Spasibo :)

May 7, 2016


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May 7, 2016

[deactivated user]

    My favorite word is император (emperor).

    May 7, 2016


    May 7, 2016

    Кочерыжка! It's the heart of a cabbage, or cabbage stump as you may call it. It's also used as a slang word for head. Love how it sounds, it's funny and childish and exciting.

    May 17, 2016


    September 7, 2018

    Счастье - happiness. The "сч-" and the мягкий знак just give it such an lovely sound that has no real equivalent as far as I'm aware in my native English.

    May 10, 2016

    девушка -- girl It sounds so cute!

    May 10, 2016

    I suspect any fan of Orphan Black (like me) grins every time they encounter сестра (sister) - you'll have to watch the show to understand why :-)

    May 11, 2016

    Здурова! - Great!

    May 8, 2016
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    *Здорово :)

    May 8, 2016


    May 9, 2016


    May 8, 2016

    puxh (sp?) It means down, as in feather, and sounds like what it is. Hope I remember it correctly!

    May 15, 2016

    мороженое - ice cream! A) it literally means "frozen", and b) it really nice to say.

    May 16, 2016

    I don't know about a favourite but I can't not love "zdrastvuyte".

    You decide to take a look at decide to just see how to say "hello", that can't be too difficult, right? Then straight out the gate you're hit by this little mouth shredder, I love it!

    I like how etymologically it is closer to "health to you". I like that it's such a long and cumbersome word for a first page phrasebook word as well as being so beautiful in its own right. I like that's one of the few Russian words with counter-intuitive spelling.

    And when Russians want to sound coy they go..."zdrast..." Like that little girl in Solaris.

    May 8, 2019

    Do svidaniya, farewell. I heard it in the movie Anastasia ;)

    May 7, 2016


    May 7, 2016


    May 7, 2016

    Подсолнечник (sunflower)

    May 8, 2016

    Or подсолнух.

    May 8, 2016

    daroga (road)

    May 8, 2016


    May 10, 2016

    Add a я and it becomes expensive!

    May 10, 2016

    Or "dear" :)

    May 10, 2016

    Sounds like Raduga for rainbow

    May 10, 2016

    "исполинский" - enormous, vast, immense; "маломальский" is the opposite of "исполинский". These words belong to bookish vocabulary and are rarely used in speech.

    May 8, 2016

    любить (to love)

    May 8, 2016

    картошка — potatoes

    May 12, 2016


    May 13, 2016

    "достопримечательности" it means attractions, or sights, as in regards to tourism it's my favorite because it seems terrifyingly long and scary but i use it way more often than you'd expect

    March 31, 2018

    I can't decide between военнослужащий (military serviceman) and присутствующий (present/in attendance).

    August 30, 2019
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