"They are taking our children."

Translation:One biorą nasze dzieci.

May 7, 2016



What is the difference between 'oni' and 'one'??

May 7, 2016


About groups of people:

  • oni- a group that includes at least one male person
  • one- a group that contains only female people

About anything else:

  • one- all plural things, animals,

  • oni - groups that include male person, groups that include a woman and animal of masculine grammatical gender, personificated animals, when referred to as male "person" (my dogs=moje psy=one; Ghost and Summer=oni)

May 7, 2016


Does brać take accusative?

(I notice that "dzieci" is the form for several cases).

Also is there a good resource to find which case each verb takes, as we're learning many new ones :)

Thank you

July 15, 2018


Hi, brać takes Accusative. You can try Polish Wiktionary for the cases, e.g see brać, look for składnia to see the cases. Not every verb will have entries for składnia.

  • M. is mianownik (kto? co?) - Nominative
  • D. is dopełniacz (kogo? czego?) - Genitive
  • C. is celownik (komu? czemu?) - Dative
  • B. is biernik (kogo? co?) - Accusative
  • N. is narzędnik [(z) kim? (z) czym?] - Instrumental
  • Ms. is miejscownik [(o) kim? (o) czym?] - Locative
  • W. is wołacz - Vocative
July 16, 2018


Thank you Pan. Daniel :)

July 16, 2018
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