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"They are taking our children."

Translation:One biorą nasze dzieci.

May 7, 2016



What is the difference between 'oni' and 'one'??


About groups of people:

  • oni- a group that includes at least one male person
  • one- a group that contains only female people

About anything else:

  • one- all plural things, animals,

  • oni - groups that include male person, groups that include a woman and animal of masculine grammatical gender, personificated animals, when referred to as male "person" (my dogs=moje psy=one; Ghost and Summer=oni)

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Does brać take accusative?

(I notice that "dzieci" is the form for several cases).

Also is there a good resource to find which case each verb takes, as we're learning many new ones :)

Thank you

[deactivated user]

    Hi, brać takes Accusative. You can try Polish Wiktionary for the cases, e.g see brać, look for składnia to see the cases. Not every verb will have entries for składnia.

    • M. is mianownik (kto? co?) - Nominative
    • D. is dopełniacz (kogo? czego?) - Genitive
    • C. is celownik (komu? czemu?) - Dative
    • B. is biernik (kogo? co?) - Accusative
    • N. is narzędnik [(z) kim? (z) czym?] - Instrumental
    • Ms. is miejscownik [(o) kim? (o) czym?] - Locative
    • W. is wołacz - Vocative

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    Thank you Pan. Daniel :)

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