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"I like the programming language."

Translation:Dw i'n hoffi'r iaith rhaglennu.

May 7, 2016



Why not, "dw i eisiau'r iaith rhaglennu"?


eisiau is a noun meaning 'want, need'. dw i eisiau... is a colloquial expression meaning 'I want/need...'

licio, hoffi are verb-nouns meaning 'liking, to like'. dw i'n licio/hoffi... - 'I like...'


Thank you - I realised my mistake shortly after I'd written the comment


Is it raglennu or rhaglennu? Both are shown in the hints but only one is marked correct.


rhaglennu unless something in a pattern is causing its mutation to raglennu:

  • Mae Dewi'n hoffi rhaglennu.
  • Mae e'n mynd i raglennu nes ymlaen.
  • *Ond a dweud y gwir, mae ei raglennu'n anobeithiol!

Following iaith, you could argue either way:

  • iaith rhaglennu - literally 'a language of programming' - no mutation required by the possessive relationship between two nouns.
  • iaith raglennu - a programming language - mutation of rhaglennu acting as an adjective following the feminine noun iaith.

One may be 'better' than the other, but there are probably more interesting things to learn!

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