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First Reverse Course!

If you remember, the French for Spanish speakers course was launched into beta recently. The reverse course, Spanish for French speakers, has just been added in the incubator!

Course Link: http://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/es/fr/status

[Update: German for Russian is also here! http://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/de/ru/status]

(Looking forward to more reverse courses!)

January 21, 2014



This is so exciting! I want to take every tree and learn every language backward and forward! I love the constant changing and updating of the site. Thank you Duo staff for all your hard work and your generous feedback!


Way to go Incubator team!! xD


And German for Russian speakers showed up as well :) I am happy that there are more courses.

But I still wait for Esperanto so impatiently!


I honestly can't wait for Esperanto to be released because I think a bunch of us will learn it pretty quickly (as it was designed to be) and then we can all start chatting in the forums with it. XD

Edit: Also, how did it jump up so fast!? The German for Russian speakers is already at 27%. Were they working on it before it was actually visible to us?


I am also waiting very impatiently for Esperanto! =) Concerning the 27%: Probably they can lend on the already existing German and Russian courses so that not everything has to be translated completely newly.


the ready part is probably the interface, which should be the same as Eng for Russian


Actually, I was excited about this and started popping different combinations in the link, for example:

http://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/de/fr/status http://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/es/ru/status

From what I can tell for all of the six languages already available, it looks like most of the course combinations have a link to them and it says they're all about 20-30% completed.

And Spanish for Portuguese speakers is already at 44%.

Even though none of these courses have contributors.



Sneaky sneaky. Those courses have no contributors yet, but since they would use the same interface strings as existing courses, they have some progress already.

In the case of Spanish for Portuguese speakers, that course is even further along because some of the content from the Portuguese for Spanish speakers course can be reused. It's easier to make a course once the reverse exists.


Oh! Didn't notice that!


wow! respect to the French/Spanish team. Working on one course in beta and another one in phase 1 at the same time cannot be easy! Good on ya!


Ahh, though I don't to take anything away from them. They have a lot of support. First the course relies on two well grounded courses already. Secondly, they have more than enough proofreaders (expert linguist remy, and many staff members with Spanish as their L1), and lastly the interface was already translated a long time ago.

Anyway, I certain believe they are highly competent, and will finish in record time.

P.S. It would be funny if the French <> Spanish team, once again beats the Spanish to Portuguese team. :)

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I suspect as the course has almost 40k users that there are almost no stones left unturned in the kinks department as I imagine they were all found quite quickly. They must have had a ridiculous influx of problems at the beginning though!!


I don't know about the French -> English beta, but the English -> Portuguese course still has plenty of kinks. According to the incubator page, that course has 1.24M users and is not in beta . . .


I'm eagerly awaiting German to Spanish and/or vice versa.


Wow, that course was only added today and it's already more than halfway to beta! Impressive work on their part! It probably helps that they were the same ones who worked on the French from Spanish course.


The Duo staff said that once a course is completed the reverse course is already about halfway done. Which means once those English courses for speakers of other languages get flipped, the new courses will develop quite quickly.


The sentences are ready, but the "halfway done" thing isn't quite right. For Spanish <-> French it works, sure, but for all the other languages that do not have any trees yet, you have to built the whole tree which means "grouping sentences by level of difficulty and organizing them in themes and in a coherent order". I don't think that's easy at all; as a matter of fact, if you look at Polish (that I speak), even if you have all the sentences translated, I have no idea how you're gonna make a course to learn Polish step by step out of it. But I'm really looking forward to it.


I'm just restating what the staff has said, that a course is 50% to 75% done when the reverse version is finished. And I think the remaining 50% of the work is in fact mostly just building the tree.


I've seen a video from a conference where Luis was talking about his projects and Duolingo and he mentioned a bit how they organize trees :) (I can look for a link later if you want to watch it) He said that in fact they do a lot of testing to see which order is the best for learners, so problem is just first version of the tree and later on it evolves according to results :)

I think they are pretty creative here and will figure that out too!


I'm sure they will, but to me that seems almost like the worst part - I mean the more complicated one


That makes me happy. Haha. I'm eager to start learning some of the languages that already have an English course for them, so hopefully those same people that worked on those can work to make those happen rather quickly.


Yay! I only asked about this course here on the discussion board the other day, and Luis wrote that it is coming soon.

With Duolingo, soon really does mean SOON!!! :-) Love it!


I'm so excited about this! I've done a little of the French from Spanish course but because my French is much stronger than my Spanish, I would do much better at Spanish from French! Can't wait for it to be released :D

Now I'm just crossing my fingers for a French-Italian or Italian-French course :)



The links work, and the courses have some progress, there are just no contributors assigned yet.


This is great, I can't wait to share it with my friends and family when it's ready! Many of them would like to learn Spanish, but they can't take the course for English speakers because they are not comfortable enough in that language.

Also, I applied for being a contributor because I would love to help! :)


I can't wait to try this. I'm hoping it will help my French in the process.


What about Russian for English speakers? =) Are there plans for one?


That's so cool! I'll be able to revise French while learning Spanish when the course comes out! (≧∇≦) Thank you Incubator team :)

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