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"Anh ấy làm việc ấy nấu ăn."

Translation:He works and she cooks.

May 7, 2016



Very stereotypical haha, try this one instead for fun ^_^: "cô ấy làm việc và anh ấy nấu ăn"


Maybe it's just a benign observation?


Gender roles are strong in this one...


Is there an explanation somewhere for all these two part verbs. I can handle phrasal verbs if I just knew what the pieces meant


The way my Vietnamese husband explains it to me, often the pieces mean nothing on their own. Sometimes a word is only used in this one compound and nowhere else, so I just think of them as two syllable words that happen to be written with a space in the middle.


Làm việc = to do/make + work/job/business = to work.

Nấu ăn = to cook/boil + to eat = to cook [for eating] (distinguishes from non-food preparation)


The pieces may actually be more like syllables in English. Sometimes they indicate a similar concept and sometimes not.


So cooking is not working? Wonder if his job is as a cook, ha!

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