"The woman"

Translation:Người phụ nữ

May 7, 2016



is there a reason why i have to type regular Latin letters when it wants me to type in Vietnamese? every other language has buttons for special letters, why not this one?


Unfortunately, due to double diacritic marks, there would be too many to put down below. There are 12 vowels: a e i o u y ă â ê ô ơ ư, and 5 tone marks ´ ` ˀ ˜ .. So these tone marks can be put on any of the vowels creating 72 possible vowels: á à ả ã ạ é è ẻ ẽ ẹ í ì ỉ ĩ ị ó ò ỏ õ ọ ú ù ủ ũ ụ ý ỳ ỷ ỹ ỵ ắ ằ ẳ ẵ ặ ấ ầ ẩ ẫ ậ ế ề ể ễ ệ ố ồ ổ ỗ ộ ớ ờ ở ỡ ợ ứ ừ ử ữ ự and also the letter đ. So it's not practical to add the buttons.


It might be practical to add one row of 12 vowel buttons and one row of 5 tone marks. Those would combine into the correct vowel just like when using the Vietnamese keyboard.


I agree. But maybe it's technically difficult?


This is still an 'open' beta- that's probably one reason why... another would probably be the accents are difficult to work with...


I have no way of spelling this right.


I posted a guide to typing Vietnamese characters here, hopefully it is helpful.


If I type the diacritic after the vowel, it marks it wrong. If I type it before the vowel, it's also wrong. What's up with this?


Better try installing UniKey and open it when you want to practice Vietnamese (www.unikey.org | Vietnamese Keyboard for Windows and Linux).

Sometimes I want to use the Windows keyboard for Vietnamese because I change languages fast but I still have problems with diacritics (typo errors are showed when the sentence is exactly the same as the course shows as correct!).

And the writing experience is much better, an example:

  • to write bạn

with W keyboard, the order is: b, a, 9, n

with UniKey (and TELEX input method), you can choose two different orders:

  • b, a, n, j (the letter j is for the dot below)

  • b, a, j, n

Beside this, you can type numbers directly with UniKey.

And with W keyboard, the diacritics, vowels with diacritics and the consonant đ are on the place of the numbers. The worst, you can make mistakes like this:

  • baṇ or ḅan (to put b or n with dot below is not possible with UniKey and TELEX input method)

One more advantage, with UniKey you can choose a combination to start or stop the Vietnamese input, that is changing between Vietnamese and English keyboard (for example, I am using ALT + Z).

Good luck bạn của mình! =)


Well, @ebutuoykoo, it actually is "Chúc cậu luôn may mắn", :))


Wow! You're a true omnigot! Chúc cậu may mắn luôn :). Hasta después!


The diacritic has to be actually on the vowel (e.g. yêu is correct, y^eu or ye^u is incorrect). This requires either a keyboard change or copying the symbol over from elsewhere.


Thanks; I guess the Windows keyboards don't really work with Duolingo.


thank you for helping, I'll probably just use the windows keyboard input.


Same and I'm Vietnamese!


I write without diacritic, and they accept it. But agreed, please add the virtual keyboard!


go to google translate and translate "the woman" to vietnamese and copy it and then,go back to duolingo and paste it (kind of cheating loooooool)


It just came to me that "phụ nữ" is probably related to "妇女 (fù nǚ)" in Chinese!!


It is. A large portion of Vietnamese vocabulary is imported from Middle Chinese and is quite similar to Cantonese.


Actually, many East Asian languages take a lot of words from Chinese, especially Classical Chinese, due to the large political and cultural influence China had on its neighbors.


I wonder what is the original Vietnamese word, if this one is borrowed.


The original word for "phụ nữ" is "đàn bà" (which goes in a pair with "đàn ông" - the man) but "đàn bà" is very informal, "phụ nữ" is more polite as loan words from Chinese usually have more formal expression.


I'm a second generation Viet American with very some conversation Vietnamese fluency--which is why I've started duolingo. Could you explain why "the woman" is translated as "nguoi phu nu" instead of "nguoi ba" or "dan ba"?


Dude, it because "đàn bà" or "người đàn bà" sometimes can make women feel annoying because sometimes they can be understand with bad meaning or make them feel being underestimated. So, when you use "phụ nữ", it seems more polite. Hope it helpful :)).


It's interesting... What are the bad connotation in "dan ba", somethinng like "female"?


I am also a second generation Vietnamese and I would have said like you... so is there someone who can answer? In my head "nguoi phu nu" is translated like "female person"


I read on the forum, by a native, that dan ba is more formal (a bit like lady in English?)

So ba = female? What is the "dan" particle meaning?


cannot type this, please put symbol buttons up


i'm just gonna use google translate to get the special letters


That is what I do. It is a little painstaking, but it gets the job done.


They accept it without accent now.


How is this supposed to help me learn?


I search "Vietnamese Keyboard" in another tab and use the instructions or buttons to find letters, because the keyboards you install on your computer don't really work out for me.


I can't type in vitenamese because don't have special letter ;w;


If you know how to type in Vietnamese, you can use "Unikey" for PC and "labankey" for android and IOS


There are a lot of keyboard apps on Android and IOS.


"Dan Ba" also works too.


How to type this with a keyboard?!


I go to Google translate and use one of their keyboards, and then I cut and paste.


Isn't that cheating??


Well, if you do it in English first and have it translated into Vietnamese, I guess it is. The thing is, you don't always get the answer that Duolingo gives if you do it that way. What I do is set the translator on Vietnamese, and I use the Vietnamese keyboard to type the answer. I'm doing the same thing I do on Duolingo, but I have access to the accents. Then I cut and paste.

Another way you could do this is sign up with Study Blue, which is a free flashcard maker (they do have an upgrade that costs money, but you don't have to use it). The flashcard maker also has all the symbols, and then you can print out your cards to study offline. I do find that Study Blue gets persnickety when I cut and paste from it, so I usually use Google...but since I make flashcard on Duo lessons, sometimes I still do it that way.


I thought Người and phụ nữ were the same thing, not that they are combined. Any thoughts on this?


According to what I understood, Nguoi is more "person". "phu nu" the woman part.


I have a Vietnamese keyboard on my laptop, but when I put "phụ", it still said "almost correct." Technical error?


gõ chữ tiếng việt mà nó cứ bảo sai


I do not even have the thingies, but I got it correct.


Keeps marking me wrong on Người phụ nữ Why is this?


I can't type Vietnamese characters, so I keep having "typos". Annoying!


how do i put this ~ on this ư


Just started learning :P


I use the Duolingo app on my LG smartphone and have added the Vietnamese keyboard. When I hold down on a letter, all the options pop up and I choose the one i think is right.


Why no sounds? Is vietnamese a new course?


Could you let us hear the vietnamese words as we type them out?


-man means "đàn ông" -woman means "đàn bà" or "phụ nữ" ! But if you use the phrase "đàn bà", your sentence will sound very rude. It makes women feel like they are despised. So be careful with that phrase. ^_^


Im using viet keyboard with correct accent marks but it still says typo.


Người đàn bà


you have t o type in normal.


Người phụ nữ là bạn

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