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  5. "Những cái ca"

"Những cái ca"

Translation:The mugs

May 7, 2016



why "những" and not "các" in this sentence please?


Nhung means some and cac means all

[deactivated user]

    How are we supposed to know that "the mugs" refers to only some mugs instead of all mugs?


    We aren't.
    I'm glad they at least keep the English natural for us. The Japanese in the English-for-Jpn speakers course is made into super unnatural sentences just for the sake of justifying them requiring "a" and not "the" or vice versa, and what's more, the nuance of the sentence is completely compromised by doing so. (slash rant)

    Back to my answer. In real life, you'd know from context. On Duo, either you don't have any way to know, or they have to warp the English just to give you cues for the exercise. Whether there's any point in doing that is a point up for debate.


    And only now do I realize I just replied to a deactivated user. I'm glad I got that off my chest (again) though.


    That would be the difference between nhung and cac and tat ca....but nhung cai ca = The mugs...it doesn't mean some mugs.


    Nhung does not mean some....it's a plural indicator....it acts the same as adding an S to the end of a noun in English* cat/cats dog/dogs.

    Mot so = some.

    *a noun with regular plurals!


    Why does it mean that when u can add something on???!


    Why dont people just press I cant listen niw?

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