May 7, 2016



is thơ also correct?


mail/letter: thư (Northern) / thơ (Southern):

thơ is mainly used in the South but not accepted by Duolingo.


Yes, thơ is correct. But most vietnamese would confused with Poetry. So yeah, Thơ should be INcorrect.


Excuse me but what do you mean by saying "Yes, thơ is correct" but then "Thơ should be INcorrect."??? There isn't a shadow of a doubt that "thư" is the most common translation for "mail/letter" but that doesn't mean "thơ" is "INcorrect". :( It is used by millions of people in the South.


Yes, thơ can be mail/letter, but people only use it for joking around like: "Mày gửi thơ tình cho ai đóa~!" But more importantly, Thơ can be associate with Poetry, so it can cause confusing. While thư is letter or mail.


Gosh~! "thố" doesn't mean rabbit. It's "Thỏ" !!! Just google "con thố" and "con thỏ" and y'all will see which one is the rabbit, heck "con thố" isn't even an animal or a word! Oh and I can't believe i got downvoted but you got upvoted even tho i was right. I'm a Vietnamese btw, born n raised in the HCM city since the 90's.


@ebutuoykoo: Lol. As if I weren't born and raised in Vietnam FYI, I live Bien Hoa, Dong Nai (and I'm a bit older than you) ;)

In regard to rabbit, I type both thố and thỏ but I don't know why thỏ was lost somewhere in my post. There were some errors in loading the pages when I tried to post though.

thố (兔 tú), which means rabbit, is a Chinese-Vietnamese word. I bet you've heard about "Xích Thố Mã" (赤兔马 - Red Hare) of "Lữ/Lã Bố" (呂布 - Lü Bu), "Ngọc Thố" (玉兔 - Jade Rabbit) of "Thường/Hằng Nga" (嫦娥/姮娥 - Chang'e/Heng'e). Because of the nature of Chinese-Vietnamese words and their main use in literature and poetry, we don't get to see people use this word much in daily conversations. We mostly use thỏ or con thỏ in daily use. Also, one would never say con thố to mean 'rabbit', just thố.



And for your downvote, I didn't do it. Someone else did. People downvote because they don't agree with you. But it'd be nice if they gave their opinions. : )


What is this? Chinese-Vietnamese? I didn't know that we're learning "CHINESE-vietnamese" now... Can't you see? This is a VIETNAMESE COURSE, stay on the topic! You're basically confusing/misinforming the foreigners by saying "thố" means rabbit when it clearly isn't, this is wrong and duolingo WON'T accept this, i guarantee. Because "con thố" doesn't mean a rabbit or anything in VIETNAMESE! Heck, just go to HCM and said "tôi muốn mua một con thố" the Viet would be confused because we will not understand what you're saying! On top of that, even the source that you gave @allintolearning. It spelled and pronounced as "Thỏ" which means rabbit, so why even arguing with me ???


Edited: @allintolearning: Thanks for the links. You're really helpful. :) BTW, thố means rabbit, not thơ. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/th%E1%BB%8F


That is okay. Some words have more than one meaning. If it is seriously also used in the south for letter, then someone should report it, even if it is used for poetry also. Check Etymology 3 here: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/th%C6%A1 I have heard that it also means rabbit, but that didn't show there. http://www.informatik.uni-leipzig.de/~duc/TD/td/index.php?word=rabbit=ev

"danh từ" was the first word that came up for poetry and for letter in this last dictionary, but "thơ" is also listed for poetry.


My parents say letter like that (they are from the South), I think it would be also correct


What's the difference between the "T" and "Th"?


This question is broken. I put: - "mail, letter" ... incorrect - "Letter, mail" ... incorrect

Do I have to match the exact letter case and word order? Does Duolingo suggest two answers and only accepts one answer?


I dunno why nobody points out how funny this.

Thư thư thư thư

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