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  5. "My hat is there."

"My hat is there."

Translation:Mi sombrero está ahí.

January 25, 2013



There should be a ser vs estar level.... I would repeat that one over and over. maybe there is already and i just haven't gotten there yet but then why are we tested on it already?


Agreed. I keep missing the difference between ser and estar. I would also take this over and over.


A good rymth is. "How your feeling and where you are. Use the verb estar"


Can es work here? It didn't like 'Mi sombrero es allí'


"es" is from the verb "ser" and "está" is from the verb "estar". I think "estar" is used to state a position/location(also an action,condtion,emotion). "Ser" is used for descriptions,occupations, characteristics, time, origin, relationships.


"Exception: The location of an event or party is described using SER. Not ESTAR! La fiesta es en mi casa. (The party is at my house.)" http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/100040/ser-and-estar#.UgeTNKBIqYI And unlike Brazilian Portuguese, in Spanish "ser" is never used for the location of stationary things.


Muchas gracias.

So estar for pointing to a location, and ser for everything else, pretty much?


Not really, estar is used to refer to a present but transient condition as well e.g. sick, happy, sad etc.


"doctor" a good way to remember it


I think that you need to explain the way "DOCTOR" acts as a memory aid. ( I can't spell mnemonic)


I am really bad at choosing ser vs estar, and that level exists, and it is beyond this one. It is probably a bad place to penalize new learners for this mistake.

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