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"Suelo ir a casa a las cuatro."

Translation:I usually go home at four.

January 25, 2013



Why does "casa" translate to "home" here and not "house"?


You will see hogar=home. This technically true, but it is not used in Spanish as in English.

hogar is seldom used and I would dare to say that it is more commonly used in its other meaning: fireplace.

The word hogar = home, is used mostly in literary/poetical context.

When a Spanish speaking refers to home he normally makes clear by omitting articles, you will see possessives (mi) and prepositions, but that's about it:

Vuelvo a casa.

Tengo los papeles en (mi) casa.

Estoy enfermo, me quedo en casa.

Le llevo a (su) casa y luego nos vemos en el bar.


Gracias for the explanation!


Probably only because it sounds better and is used more in English before the word "go", "go home" 3,240,000,000 google results and "go house" 567,000 result


I tried, "I usually go to the house at four."

I just thought it was weird that they use home here but other places they only accept house.


Languages don't always translate 1-to-1, and the same word can mean different things in different contexts....


if suelo...is....i usually.....how should it be...you usually


I translated, " I tend to go home at four o'clock".....this should be an acceptable translation also.


I think that the verb "tender" is usually used for tending to do something. Having said that, I think that it should still be an acceptable translation as, in this context, they mean the same thing. Did you report your answer as correct?


I did not report it as correct...probably to late now to do so!


...probably. The only way I can think of doing it, is intentionally getting it "wrong" the next time that you see it and reporting it then.


Is suelo the verb here?


why is it "a casa" and not "mi casa"?


I don't understand this sentence at all. And the issue is not 'a casa'. I don't see the predicate. I thought 'Suelo' is 'often', 'ir' - 'to go' and I could not make out what it could mean


Soler (conjugated) + infinitive = I tend to (verb). Example Suelo comer mucho. = I tend to eat too much.


Can't I translate the verb "soler" through "be used to doing sth"? Suelo hacer algo---I'm used to doing sth. ? Could someone please answer my question? Thx!


Alright I got this one wrong but I realized something after posting that I will share. The 'a' before casa I quickly realized is a prepositional 'a' meaning motion. I 'go, the motion' to home but the 'a' doesn't get translated. This is an ah ha moment.


How is soler a verb? You can't "usually". That's not an action!


Soler is a verb and can mean use but in this sentence "usually" is used and yes you are right it isn't a verb. As you can see the question was about 'used' not usually.


I tend to go home at four. (or )I have a habit of going home at four. These are legitimate translations regardless of what the Duolingo computer calculates.

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