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  5. Can't go to next lesson.


Can't go to next lesson.

I'm not able to go to another lesson. Kindly suggest what should I do?

January 21, 2014



Have the same problem. The points doesn't counted when I finish regular lesson, so, I can't move to the next lesson. They counted only when I have timed practice. (I haven't any problems on my PC, but when I use my laptop I have all these bugs)


same, I've done lesson 1 of beginner's basics 5 times now and I can't seem to move forward. I can say "I am a woman" in fluent german but not much else.


I have the same or a similar problem, when I click on lessons, they don't load. I'd contact Duolingo, but it won't load when I click that either.


The same problem. Has someone found a solution? Is there any technical support?


Same problem here. How do I move on to lesson two?


When I switched to chrome from explorer, everything works fine

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