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Practice German Speaking !

Hallo, Wie geth's ? Hoffentlich gut !

i see the most of us have problem in speaking Germany because we need to practice it like in really life

so i suggest why can't make Skype conversation of virtual room to practice it and some native people volunteering to help us .

and if there is already room for that please tell us !

May 8, 2016



ok i make the conversation room in Skype you can find it on this link


and if you can't get it you can add me and i will join you to the room

my account is : asemabdalrahem

don't forget to tell your friends and native German speakers


Yeah pretty good ! You guys can also be part of our German WhatsApp group ! https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15423063


Hi Asembdalrahem . It's a great idea. I've been thinking about it constantly. You can make a room bye your self. By the way I'm ready to practice. Anytime.


Wow, it is great idea! But my german is too bad! :(


yeah we all not fluency and i will search for native speaker


i see that more people join to the conversation in skype but we don't meet in same time

so everyone can add me on my account " asemabdalrahem "

and will suggest time to open all to make group chat


finally i found native speaker who will help us and will announce about appointment soon !

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