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Does anybody here wants to learn Filipino/Tagalog?

I'm from the Philippines and I'm just curious if anybody from other countries wants to learn our language. If you do, I'll be glad to know where you from and why. Thanks :)

January 21, 2014



Please please start a Filipino course!

It's the 4th most commonly spoken language in the United States and the fact there's quite a few fictional languages already available for Duolingo, but not Filipino/Tagalog makes me so sad. =(


Yes! I think it's ridiculous that they have Klingon and we still can't learn Tagalog on here :'(


Remember you need to upvote the post for the admins to add it to incubator. They added Hawaiian recently. Why? It has over 700 upvotes.


Hi, I'm from Belgium and I would VERY MUCH like to see Tagalog on Duolingo. I'm already learning via learningtagalog.com, it's really great and so much fun. I'm also actively trying to find people willing to contribute and to get DUOLINGO TO WAKE UP and start a Tagalog for English speakers :) I've made a thread on reddit, help and spread the message! https://goo.gl/GPnlio . I've been in contact with 9 people willing to contribute already. We need more :)


My wife offered to contribute over a year ago. She was born and raised in the Philippines. She speaks fluent Tagalog, Ilocano, Kapampangan, English, Italian and German. I wanted her to contribute so it would be available sooner for me to learn, but she never even got a reply back from Duo. Whatever the reason, there sure doesn't seem to be any urgency getting this to beta. Per Wikipedia; as of year 2000 there were 70+ million Tagalog speakers. I personally don't understand how a constructed language, ie; High Valyrian or Klingon would take precedence over Tagalog. I do appreciate Duolingo and all its contributors and all you have done for the millions of us who use your programs. Thank you and keep up the good work.


I am willing to contribute


Thank you! Have looked for ways to learn tagalog & nevet found this site you named. Am checking it out RITE NOW!


FYI: English for Tagalog speakers course just entered (August, 30 2016) the incubator, which is the first step to see one day the Tagalog for English speakers course being added too (then later to be available on Duo).


I would love to learn! I am half Filipina. My mother is from Bacolod. I've been trying to learn for several years, but there are not enough resources, and my mother does not know enough english to translate it into teachings.


Wow! These are a lot of comments and upvotes! I wonder why they haven't noticed that Tagalog is a really wanted course here.


Yes! My best friend is Filipino. I went with him to go back to the Pinas this last summer to visit his family and country. I extremely miss it and actually plan to go back to teach English as a foreign language. I wish Duolingo had it but it doesn't, maybe if enough people can do it in the Incubator thing, that would be AWESOME! :D

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