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  5. "Mae'n well i ni fynd."

"Mae'n well i ni fynd."

Translation:We had better go.

May 8, 2016



Why is "we prefer to go" not correct?


It is the difference between gwell gyda/gynnon ni and gwell i ni:

  • Mae (hi)'n well i ni fynd - We had better go, It is better for us to go
  • Basai (hi)'n well i ni fynd - It would be better for us to go

  • Basai (hi)'n well gyda/gynnon ni fynd - We would prefer to go


I'm curious how many correct answers there are in the database for this one :)


Although possibly not strictly grammatically correct, colloquially I would say "we better go". Could this be added as a correct answer please?


What's the difference between "it is better for us to" and "we should" ?


Different patterns in both languages:

  • Mae well i ni fynd ar ôl cinio. - It would be better for us to go after lunch.
  • Dylen ni fynd ar ôl cinio. - We should go after lunch.


Is it some sense of having made a decision in the "should" version? Is that the same in Welsh?


I would look up something like 'better vs should' on the web and read what some of the grammar and language sites say. If you look at n of them you will probably see n different and possibly conflicting explanations!


i thought hard about this one. It is clearly in the present tense. How, then, could I put 'had'? It is better.. no 'if' so what can I put? I ended up with "It is better we go". Wrong and in comes my rejected 'had'. I realise, "It is better for us to go." would be OK, but...Comments?


Well, i think 'it is better we go' is correct English, if rather oldfashioned.

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