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  5. "La fille est sale."

"La fille est sale."

Translation:The girl is dirty.

January 25, 2013



Does this sentence carry the same context as in English, where the word "dirty" is a sexual innuendo.


No really, although it very much depends on how much listeners' minds are twisted.


Then how would you word in French such that you say "That girl is promiscuous/slutty".


A polite version can be: "celle fille est délurée".


I don't think that's necessarily what I think of "dirty" as meaning in English. I tend to think of "dirty" being more of a state of mind rather than any physical action.


When I read that the girl is dirty I assume that she has a lot of dirt on her or her clothes.

Maybe that's because I have a five year old granddaughter who does get dirty on occasion. I strongly doubt she harbors any dirty thoughts.


That's definitely the meaning that's intended, and that's how I took it as well! I was just responding to crunkmonk's alternate definition.


it depends on in what a company do you turns yourself


dirty mind has only dirty thought :-(


Are "fille" and "garçon" used interchangeably as "daughter/girl" and "son/boy?"


yes they are.


Fille is both girl and daughter, but son and boy are different (son = un fils) Same for woman and wife (both femme) and husband and man (mari/homme)


"Fille" means "daughter/girl" but "Garçon" only means "boy".

"Fils" means "son"


I can't tell the difference between the pronunciations of "seule" and "sale." Explain?


Please try the two words side by side on Google/Translate + loudspeaker


The answer I gave is, the "girl is dirty" and I got it wrong! Duolingo says the answer is "the daughter is dirty". That shouldn't be, given that girl or daughter are used for the french word, fille Can someone correct me if I am wrong, please? Thanks!


I am not sure because I cannot see the page of your exercise, but "la fille est sale" is indeed "the girl is dirty".

if the French was "ta fille est sale", the English would be "your daughter is dirty".

if you have no detail about "la fille" (like a possessive adjective or a complement like "la fille de Mr XYZ), it has to be "the girl" and not "the daughter.


Thank you, Sitesurf! I redid this exercise once again today and the exercise was indeed to translate "la fille est sale" and this time I answered "The daughter is dirty" and I got it right! I agree, "the daughter is dirty" if it was "ta fille est sale". Oh well...


someone must be listening because i just put "the girl is dirty" and it was marked as correct :)


They are getting better, but they need to fix these errors.

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