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"Vous ne jouez pas au tennis ?"

Translation:Don't you play tennis?

January 25, 2013


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what's the purpose of "au" in this sentence? Would it be wrong to say "Vous ne jouez pas tennis"


the verb is "jouer à" for sports (jouer de for musical instruments)

je joue au tennis

je joue au volley

je joue au football


So, yes, it's wrong to leave à out

Many French verbs take prepositions where the English equivalent verb doesn't (and sometimes the other way round). When you learn a new verb it's always a good idea to learn its corresponding preposition (if it has one)


Where could I find wich correspond preposition take a verb? Thank you!


In other negatives it becomes "de" for "any," why is it not the case here? Thanks


The rule is that in a negative sentence where the noun is the direct object of the verb being negated, de is commonly used instead of an indefinite or partitive article (un, une, du, de la, and des).


Je n'ai pas de chien. - I don't have a dog.
Pas de problème. - Not a problem.
je ne veux pas d’eau - I don’t want any water

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