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  5. "There is no man here."

"There is no man here."

Translation:Nie ma tu żadnego mężczyzny.

May 8, 2016



Why is "Tu nie ma żadnego mężczyzny" wrong? Word order is always making trouble for me.


It is not wrong, report it.


Why is " nie ma nikogo mężczyzny tutaj " wrong? The difference i see from the correct answer is only of nikogo and zadnego.


because nikogo= nobody/no one. (works like noun)

żadnego= no- works like adjective.

"Nikogo" is used alone or before adjective, "żadnego" is used before a noun.


Nie ma tu nikogo why is this wrong?


Well, you missed the "man part". Your sentence is "There is no one here".


Nikogo nie ma tutaj? Or is it very Russian way?


If you will ever translate "There is no man here" as „Nikogo nie ma tutaj”(back translation: "There is no one here"), the feminists will eat your liver. :P

Just because there is no man here, doesn't mean there is no one here, for example a woman could be here and the sentence would still be true. ;)


Can you say "Tu nie ma mężczyzny"? Do you need żadnego, and must tu be after nie ma?


It's hard to specify when 'żadnego' is needed and when it's okay to omit it. Currently the only word order where we accept it is "Nie ma tu[taj/] [żadnego/] [człowieka/mężczyzny].", but that doesn't sound great to my ear. I think it's better to use it even here.

With your word order, giving an unusual emphasis on 'here', it really seems necessary to use 'żadnego' because then you'd need to give another emphasis to "NO". Like: Here? No no no, there is ABSOLUTELY NO man here.


Why can't one use żadnych here?


"żadnych" is Genitive plural, so for "There are no men here."

"Nie ma tu żadnych mężczyzn".

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