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There is no sound.

Hi, there is no sound in my lesson after the new interface change. And i don't know what happen on it . I try to achieve my lesson, but without the audio, the listening part made me so hard to complete, and i didn't pass it. Does anyone got the same problem? Cause i do reopen the site and try a few lesson, and i still have the same problems. I have loop for the same post or the simliar one, but i found that seems no one got the same bug as me... please help.

January 21, 2014



If you would, please move this to Troubleshooting with the EDIT button under the post. There's quite a bit of clutter in the main discussion, and this is really a troubleshooting topic.


thanks for the tips. :) I didn't realize there is a choice on it, sorry for my careless.

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