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What is supposed to happen now when I complete a lesson under the new interface?

It used to be when I completed a lesson, I would get a tada sound and then could continue with the next lesson. Now, when I complete the lesson, nothing happens. It just stays on the same screen even after I click on the continue button.

I also don't see the graph or bar or whatever it is that is supposed to tell me how many points I got (I guess that replaced coins).

The only way I have found to "move on" is to quit or refresh. Either there is a glitch or I am missing something obvious that I am supposed to do. And it is certainly possible (highly probable) that I am missing something that I am supposed to be doing to continue past the completed lesson.

However, I am running into a similar problem even when I fail a lesson. No crying owl. Just stuck on the page I failed on with no way to continue unless I quit or refresh.

Anyone have any suggestions or running into similar issues?

January 21, 2014


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